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  1. sorry that sounded muddled,the op is paying extra before shes made an arrangement to pay extra and its not comming off the arrears
  2. That could well be the answer but im not convinced and here,s why,when i was in arrears and i was on interest only,the arrears was paid back so much per month on top of the cmi before any extra has been paid thats what i just cannot get my head around
  3. I hope they are not charging you 180 a month for the 16k arrears because if they are they would be getting a rocket down the phone if it were me.
  4. If they are adding those charges to the arrears figure then they are out of order,any charges should be added on to the outstanding balance and thats a must.
  5. A sar request is a subject access request to your mortgage company for all the information they have on you and your mortgage,should you send them one they have to provide you with said info inside 40 days.You can then begin to add up all the charges and so on over the years that you have incurred with a view to claiming them back if possible.However what gets me is all these different figures you have for additional interest these need to be questioned and challenged.I never had odds and sods on my statement when i was in arrears,it really does sound as though Engage are adding on some serious charges to your account.
  6. 185 interest payment per month and 27 arrears fee a month ??????? that just does not sound right to me,your already paying the interest on the outstanding balance with the 680 a month cmi.The way an interest only mortgage works is that you pay the interest on the amount borrowed,that,s the way it worked for me until i changed to re payment.Have you another loan with them or is the mortgage all you have with engage credit? Engage credit are not a lender so the mortgage must have been sold on at some point,all they do is service the mortgage you already have and these sort of companies do tend to weigh in with hefty charges which can be claimed back.I woul;d be making some calls if i were you to find out why you are paying this 180 a month and sending a s.a.r request to add up all these charges your getting,i have a feeling some of that 16k arrears is not all your doing.
  7. Is the 185 the extra your paying on top of your monthly payment?
  8. Your lender will be looking at you paying as much back in as little time as possible its no good stretching yourself let the judge decide rather than your lender.
  9. Thats an extra 160 per month taking roughly 107 months to clear the arrears just over half the remaining mortgage term,thats what i would be looking towards as a realistic proposal.
  10. ok forget the charges for now as they should be added on to the outstanding mortgage,so 215 months at roughly 80 quid on top of the 638 can be allowed for under the Norgen ruling so i would be looking to put together a payment proposal of around 800 per month,i think that would be more realistic than upwards of a grand especially as your just getting back on your feet.
  11. Ok so the cmi is 638 per month,im just wondering how long the mortgage has left to run with regard to offering a realistic proposal on your N244.If i were you i would apply for a further stay of eviction offering to pay the 16k arrears over the remaining term,however i would also be keeping my eye out for rental properties in your area just as a second option in case the application goes against you.In other words a plan B. You know as well as i do that at one of these applications to stay an eviction you will eventually loose your home,having said that you have already had seven applications go your way there,s nothing to say you can,t make it eight but your on thin ice so a back-up plan wont hurt. Just one question,how long has the mortgage left to run?
  12. Im no legal expert by any means and i can only really go by my own experience of dealing with an eviction order, i would take the above advice in your shoes but i do think there,s a good chance you wont loose your home if you keep up with said payments.
  13. Look,the eviction has been stayed on condition you pay 850 a month, in a few days you will receive a copy of that judgement in the post, that judgement is set in stone. Of course you could pay more if you wanted but no less, you cannot be forced to pay more than the judgement states its as simple as that so just carry on as you are doing paying the 850
  14. Its been adjourned for 3 months to see how you move forward with the payments.I thought you would be ok but dont miss a payment whatever you do,its all about affordabilty Oh and you wont lose the house in 3 months if you keep making the payments negative or no negative equity
  15. Good luck for tomorrow,been there,done it and worn the t shirt,best of luck and i really do mean it.
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