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  1. Just had letter back from Santander, basicly saying no you are not getting anything the headed 4 page letter just went into saying that i qualified to take it out, even though on the mortgage application it said did i want ppi with two tick boxes yes/no had not been ticked. So is that it or is there another avenue i need to go down now?
  2. Ok will do, can i ask what they are phoning me will achieve for them ? why is it so bad to answer the phone, i don't understand. Thanks
  3. Hi it;s me again I sent the forms away, and today i have had 3 calls to my mobile and 3 to my home answering machine asking me to call them. what should i do? phone them back or ignore them ?
  4. took my mortgage out in 1997, was my first home ( still live there ) i was young'sh (27/28) Call it being stupid ( i call it naive ) I am a manual worker an sometimes need a bit of help with things like this what i have been looking for is a 1 2 3 of steps of what to do from people who like yourself who are obviously passionate about this subject.
  5. Thanks for being so patient with me, all this is double dutch to me really you have said a couple of times "your demand and needs sheet will make interesting reading" is this something i have or something i need to get ...
  6. Looking at your sig, i see these that stand out to me. 2 You were told that you had to take the PPI out at the same time as the loan or not at all 6 You were led to believe that Payment Protection Insurance was compulsory 8 It was not explained to you that there were certain exclusions within the policy that could affect you What are my chances ? as said i am a total novice at this, unlike some i would love any money retrieved to go strait into my mortgage to get it down rather than some holiday.
  7. Ok i see the document you are talking about also the Access Request, are you saying send these in instead of the forms they sent me? what is the advantage of this?
  8. I should have docs, you say "I would fill this out only" there is a lot of docs on that page could you be more pacific please, also would you send this in instead of the santander form ? could i ask why, just so i can understand. I do not see a pdf of demands & needs sheet, or an i just blind...
  9. No i just sent in a letter, saying • Not informed that taking the PPI policy was optional, Not asked whether I already had sufficient cover in place at the time the policy was sold to me. I am a bit unsure what to do next.
  10. Hi all Firstly let me say sorry as i no doubt this has been asked before... I am not very good when it comes to this kind of thing ( reclaiming what a should be due ) Ok I have sent a letter to Santander to receive a letter back asking me to fill out a 7 page Questionnaire. I remember somewhere seeing not to fill it in but to say to them that i am due the reclame and they have the information, is this correct advice or am i way off... can some one guide me please to what to do. Sorry should have said the ppi i am claiming for is a Mortgage i had taken out in 1997 and ppi is still running. Many many thanks
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