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  1. RESULT! For anyone following this thread, I received a letter today from South Lakeland District Council accepting my appeal and cancelling the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)-the basis of my appeal was that the notice board adjacent to the payment meter gave too much information (about Kendal, tourist information, etc., etc., etc) with details regarding the actual parking regulation only featuring at the very bottom of the notice board. In particular I pointed out that the lead in to the parking regulations details was partially obscured by the payment machine, resulting in me having to (sort of)
  2. Local Authority, to be precise South lakeland District Council. I got the PCN in Kendal
  3. yes, i got a parking ticket for not displaying two tickets for my motorhome which intruded on to a second bay. When I looked carefully at the notice board the notes about needing two tickets where at the bottom of a fairly large notice which rambled on about public toilets, tourist information, green spaces etc. before pointing out the parking restrictions at the very bottom. I am contesting the ticket, and £50 fine and looking for points of law on which to contest
  4. Can anyone explain what signs are required on pay and Display car parks. Are there any rules regarding size of lettering/colour of background etc? Is there precise legislation I can refer to?
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