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  1. to keep a long story short just looking for some advice. just looked at my payslip online, i have an attachment of earnings order they have taken £60 which isnt awfull i guess. however I wasnt notified that this was going to happen. I do have a debt with birstow and sutor for council tax which also has a ccj attached. I missed some payments because my partner lost his job which i did inform them of. they said my smaller payment was not acceptable the full payment was now due and they sent two large bailiffs round which was distressing.So im assuming the aoe is the council debt. my questions are -should they have informed me they were going to do this? -should the courts have sent me a form (some websites have said so) -were the bailliffs wrong to cancel the agreement when we had no means to pay?(we did pay a little bit) -should my employer have told me? thanks in advance and sorry if this is long/badly spelt.
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