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  1. He has been told he is going to prison, it is inevitable, was going to sentence him on Thursday but has given a week adjournment for him to sort out his matters and put things in place. 6 months is the starting point plus the suspended on top
  2. Think you have got off lightly then, looks like you are being brought before the court on railway byelaws then rather than fraud. firstclass or OldCJA will be better placed to advise
  3. Sorry guys for failing to update, he was charged under Section 6 of the Fraud Act - Possession of articles for use in fraud (Section 6) The defendant: had possession or control of; an article; for use in the course of or in connection with any fraud. He is on trial this thursday and will be defending on the basis he was unaware it was a counterfeit ticket as he did not know and therefore how can he be intending to use a article in the course or connection with a fraud
  4. Unfortunately as I have since found out tickets are not transferable and should only be bought from designated outlets, like the station, ticket off or online through certified agents.
  5. Hey Honeybee, He was charged under Section 6 of the Fraud act - Possession of articles for use in fraud (Section 6) The defendant: had possession or control of; an article; for use in the course of or in connection with any fraud. He has pleaded not guilty and is in crown court this Thursday for his trial. He is defending it on the bases that he did not know it was a fraudulent ticket and therefore could not have been in use of it in the course of or connection of fraud.
  6. I think people miss what the OP has said. As domain admins it means people have access to everything on the network, it is unlikely these have been put here by a flash drive or via torrent or similar but more likely the outgoing person has placed these on there by way of mapping a drive to the OP's machine. OP as a domain admin then surely you should know what to be asking the investigative panel to do. As you were unaware of these files on your machine then this means that you would not have access them under your own account., Therefore as them to check the date these files
  7. Thanks HB and thanks also with regards to the contents, I will await the further contact details. I do have a normal account on here and have contributed to the forums many times in the past but using this pseudo name due tot his issue at hand. Thanks Old-CodJA for this and the other.
  8. Hi firstclassx, in answer to your questions: 1. £approx 600 dont want to say exactly as it might be identifiable on a public board 2. In this case 7 working days 3. approx 12% less than face value basically got about £80 off. Thing is we cannot provide much information on the source because of the way it was obtained, all we have is an email address for any further discounted tickets. I think they might involve BTP purely like you and Old_CodJA have said they will want to get to the source and explore all avenues and wont have the resources to deal with doing that. So yo
  9. Thanks Rebel thats a great shout but if the police get involved wont they do that anyway? I also fear if they wait the 40 days for a response the investigation would be complete already by then and wont be worth it
  10. Thanks Old-CodJA, unfortunately it was a case it was bought of the internet, the advert was on gumtree of which I cannot find now and they spoke to the guy who was polish and met him at liverpool street stn and gave him the money when he could see to an unormal trained eye that it looked fine as the same as the ones he was purchasing before. he has the email address of the person but he has not emailed him as yet about this.
  11. Hey bankfodder, Suspeneded was imposed last year in Sept with 150 hours unpaid and compensation order £1200, both completed. When I say colourful it is like a who's who of offences and many are dishonest. Do not hink this will end well, all knotted up inside.
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