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  1. My problem however is not the fake address as I can pay for it online..
  2. I have a PAYG card which actually had credit in it. The inspector could have charged me the maximum charge which would be fine and I think she could see in her gadget that I never use the DLR. Anyway, she just completed my name, address, passport number in her booklet and gave me the receipt. I also signed this thing !!
  3. Hello, A few days ago I travelled to City airport with the DLR. I changed at Shadwell but I didn't swipe my oyster card at this station as there are no barriers there. I never use the DLR and I certainly didn't know the importance of touching your oyster card in and out at all times. When I arrived at the airport an inspector checked my card and gave me a penalty of £80 (£40 if I pay in 21 days). I didn't complain or tried to explain as it was early in the morning, was half asleep and also had a flight to catch. To be honest with you I thought that I wouldn't pay it anyway and I w
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