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  1. Got , i will do the research about the ways to offer and CCA and weigh up which is the better way. The way I am thinking of it is that if we do go for CCA and there are charges taken off which I am sure they will be then I have less chance of acceptance of a lower amount. because if they reject , at that stage they would have an admittance of the debt from me also in recent date in form of an f&f offer and contact from me too. The Loan - is there any point to CCA them ? they are my bank also , I hold a current account with them. Do I need to tread more carefully with them , or I h
  2. will be doing alot of reading over the weekend. looks like its going to start with a letter to creditors asking for f&f settlement provided they agree to remove all data from the file. sorry to keep coming up with most probably common questions, Barclaycard , have listed this as satisfied -because they got paid my Marlin. shouldnt they be in a position to remove the neg data from file now ?
  3. Well , what I want to achieve is both if possible ? Credit file clean and debt is not owed at the same time . I am not going to try and wiggle my way out of debts. I want them gone for good and will pay for them to be gone. So if the default is there , its there for 6 years no matter if the debt is paid off or not ? Regards,
  4. Yes I was doing that , so if they have CCA - and they have contact from me doesnt it put me in a very vulnerable situation ? and if there is no CCA does it force them to take it off my credit file too ? My hesitation was , like I mention in my first post is that these guys havent heard from me in years, well no communication whatsoever. So once I get in touch I dont want them to be coming after me with all guns blazing not giving me space to resolve this properly.
  5. I ask this because of the sales background I have, I was thinking of picking the phone up and negotiating the hell out
  6. Thank You Dx , will start new threads. Please Excuse my ignorance in all these matters. SAR (Subject Access Request) what does this actually achieve ? and also the Credit agreement request ? what are we looking at in terms of possibilities ? Regards, Thanks and Regards,
  7. Looks like I will need to sort Marlin / Mortimer out sooner rather than later . What is the best way to go about the F&F settlement ? Can we ask them to agree to correct the credit file also ? Regards,
  8. If I did Dsar and CCA and we do find a conflict and omproper documentation ? What can that achieve ? The wipeout of the amount and restoring the credit file ? Getting my credit file back on track is my main aim , an investment fro my future so to speak. when you say defaults must be accurate , what does that mean ? Is there a way we can agree with lenders to restore the credit file records if they are to take the lump sump ? Okay I have checked my report today for more factual information rather than me guessing. The loan is still with Barclays - as they are registeri
  9. Thank you for swift reply. Without checking in detail I would say last payments were made in 2009 , on the loan the payments were around 550 per month and for it to come down to 22000+ from 25k about 6 payments were made. Last payment on card would be 2010 a strong guess. Re loan , regular letters were being sent upto 2010 and then occasional from there on. Last demand from Mortimer was late part of last year which I saw. Payments have not been made since 2009 as mentioned above. Re the card increase, I did speak to them initially about the increase and they said they w
  10. Hello Everyone. So Here I am ... time to face and deal. I was well man on career ladder working my way up when in 2008 I decided with my business partner to invest in a retail business, this was just before the recession hit. I left my job and got on with the business that started in late 2008. did well to start with but before I really noticed , I was sinking. I took out a 25k loan from Barclays in July 2008 was making payments , but when I hit a birckwall in my business I got really stuck. The busines ran for three years, and in the busy ness of it , toiling day and nig
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