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  1. I attended the incidental hearing. Their request was rejected as I had done everything which was asked of me. I eventually won and the case was dismissed. Thanks for asking
  2. Thanks for the replies. I attended and opposed the incidental application and the request for continuation was rejected as it was clear my defense was on paper in front of the sheriff. So the case is back to the original proof date.
  3. My thoughts, yes. But very short notice. They have shown literally no evidence to support their claim, and have tried at every opportunity to get decree by discrediting me. Claiming I did not submit a defense and saying I'm being contradictory or disingenuous.
  4. Can someone please shed some light on this? I've previously lodged an incidental application to have this case sisted, but was instructed to file a defence. A date for proof was set, but now it seems that the pursuer are trying to discredit me (again, and moreso), but still fail to present any evidence to support their claim. I took delivery of this summons tonight, and the hearing on incidental application is tomorrow at 10am. Is there even any point in attending?
  5. This is information I already know. It's all well and good saying what should happen. But you have to remember that the Council apply for a summary warrant in bulk. You also don't receive a copy in the mail, you receive a "notice of summary warrant" from the Council. When I asked for a copy of the summary warrant, they fobbed me off repeatedly and then instructed Scott&Co to collect. When I contacted the payroll department, and legal, their only response is "there's a summary warrant, so tough luck". It's like trying to talk to a broken record. They don't care that I was in dispute about the issue, or that it was passed to Scott&Co a day after I was told I'd get a response from legal. They just don't care. They do not care.
  6. You say that but I'm currently in a similar situation, whereby I requested a copy of the summary warrant because I was never served (except for a notice). The case was passed to the legal department, who simply instructed Scott&Co to collect, doubling the amount being taken from me. Stonewalled at every turn, all I can think of is complaining to the financial ombudsman. I don't even know if this is a valid option, but am even considering legal action.
  7. Still at a loss for what to do. Haven't received anything from the Court and if the will be called in June, time is running out.
  8. What does it mean that the Northampton CC Claims Centre are involved?
  9. Nope. It's possible mail from Arrow has been junked.
  10. That's all the information I have. I've received nothing from the court through the mail.
  11. I paid a fee to the Scottish Court Service for a Subject Access Request who had my county court contact me. SA342/14 – Arrow Global Guernsey Ltd-v-You, £286.93 SA343/14 – Arrow Global Guernsey Ltd-v-You, £1888.67 * Both actions were raised on 30/4/14 and will call in court on 27/6/14
  12. No, and I've been told they were registered a month ago. I've been stung before for this kind of thing and ended up with a CCJ without my knowledge.
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