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  1. you are a god among men ! i did not know that. I will push this to the end if I have to. Financial Ombudsman wrote to them on my behalf explaining what happened - I have sent your letter explaining what WILL happen !
  2. thank you so much slick ! much appreciated i will send that now, just a quick thing - would Harlands come under that high court ruling or only ashbourne? I just want to be prepared thank you again
  3. Thanks slick, I don't want to settle at all, if you could help id really appreciate it. They keep quoting the written notice cancellation term to me, I'm not happy I wasn't made aware of this debt until now.
  4. I have been doing more digging and found that Harlands group has agreed terms with OFT in September 2013 (coincidently) stating very clearly that their: 'Suite of standard debt collection correspondence and staff training materials used to communicate with consumers in arrears revised in line with the standards published in OFT guidance, for example the Debt Collection Guidance, the Irresponsible Lending Guidance and the CSA/DBSG guidance on standard letters. ' They are in breach of a number of key things: Irresponsible lending guidance - failing to info
  5. I used to work for Sky upgrades. Online is not only in India they have an onsite team in west london where it started. Most of them deal with customer service queries as in India they obviously have a hard time. In regards to your cancelation, the reason they ask for the phone is because of key security questions that they must ask to access or change the account. For example the Password, they will ask you for certain characters. If they dont have such questions answered they are not legally allowed to change your account. Now I am not sure about writing in as I never worked in cancell
  6. HD packs work as a service rather than an upgrade, just how it is on the systems. Chordiant - ancient and slow. Anyway, that may be why they ask you to call in. I used to work in call centre, i dont know about your online rights but I know that HD pack works differently to upgrading packages such as sports and movies. And yes the account holder is the only one with permission to make this change - maybe thats where online becomes a bit grey.
  7. whatever happens is a joke. I am a former currys employee. The managers will force this sell on to the sales advisors and thus on to you. It is number one priority to get a WH on major products. Laptops are KEY as their profit margin is ridiculously low, this is why it is a rare instance you will ever get more than 10% discount - and even that is if they admit a fault. The common method of [causing problems] is offering you 3 months free insurance (thus putting you on a monthly plan which is always more expensive than 3 or 5 year plans) , they will discount your product by say £9 if the insura
  8. I used to work for Sky mate, ALL calls are recorded. They work in teams who are lead by a CEL (customer experience leader) . this is usually the person they put on the phone when you ask for a supervisor. They have access to all recordings and it is their job for 'escalations' complaints. U need to either speak directly to a CEL and get that phonecall listened to - SAR should get you it if this doesnt. They have all dates of contact, they have dates of letters (and scanned copies) sent to you, they have all history of everything. Hope you sort it mate.
  9. Thank you so much slick132, In reply to your questions I joined the gym in March 2011, my last attendance at the gym was Jan 2013. I called the Gym to cancel in August 2013 and the last DD payment was taken in September 2013. I was told my membership was cancelled on two occasions by Gym staff, I went back to America, not knowing they were building up my debt behind my back. I only realized when i got a letter this year on April 2014 asking for £400 (£100 charges) from CRS. I told CRS I am disputing the debt with Gold's and they put my account on hold for 10 days, but tha
  10. Your team's invaluable advice and slicks letter has got me so far now I am stuck and forced to make a thread about my very unique situation. Here the key points: I had been paying monthly to Gold's after initial 12 month fixed period, I moved to USA temporarily last year in Jan 2013. I returned for 1 month to UK and called to cancel (big mistake) in August 2013. I was told my membership was cancelled. I cancelled my DD and a month later i get a £25 admin charge on top of usual bill, I called again (big mistake i know) to tell them I had already called to cancel a month ago so I wa
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