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  1. Thanks DX, I will try that, just to confirm, you did mean ‘do use email’? I don’t have the £433 right now but I’ll see how they respond first
  2. Thanks dx, I did dispute the insurance but that’s the highest they’d go after excess deducted! Unfortunately, they never offered gap insurance so I went without, so, how can I word it to them regarding the outstanding sum, is there any cca I can reference etc.?
  3. Hi All, I'm after some advise please, I took out a joint HP agreement last January with these, all payments up to date until I wrote off the vehicle in October, the insurance paid them a settlement figure and CLS advised them there was a £433 shortfall, as it was almost Christmas it slipped my mind, 11th Jan both my partner and I received a default notice for £1323, now this morning, received a termination letter stating 'subject to clause 9.2 of the agreement, you must now pay the full outstanding balance to us of £4379, can someone please advise where I sta
  4. yes old address is linked... so, in your opinion, is it safe to ignore?
  5. thanks dx, so she suspects that nothing was paid since 2011 but she may have arranged a payment plan in early 2013 but didnt pay anything, so will look through statements to check for payments, I am presuming they would have to send a default etc before further action?
  6. thanks dx, I have just been talking with my partner and it could be slightly less than 6 years, sorry to be frustrating but, would you send a prove it letter to UU?
  7. My partner received a recent demand for an energy bill we calculated from 2011 from Moriarty [Removed] we sent a statute barred letter by signed for (received 03:09) yesterday we received another letter from them threatening court action, can someone please advise the best course of action to get rid of them Removed ? Thanks
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