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  1. Should I send the doorstep letter by email to them as well as by registered post?
  2. Hi, thanks for moving it to the right area. This is the message I sent out today... lay some groundwork & see what happened Hello, I have two questions that would help in this matter. 1. How much would a full & final settlement be? would £550 be enough? 2. At £50 a moth - how many months to clear the debt? Strangely enough ... within a half hour( considering it usually takes 1- 2 days to reply) This arrived Dear Mr FORMAL APPOINTMENT REQUEST Our Ref: Pounds Till Payday - Payday Loan Debt Value:£838.88 One of our Doorstep Agents will shortly be attending your property and this is a formal request for you to provide an agreed appointment time and date, failing which, our agent will have no option other than to arrive unannounced. PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS MATTER AS COSTS AND INTEREST WILL SHORLTY START TO BE ADDED TO THE ACCOUNT BALANCE AND WILL GREATLY INCREASE THE AMOUNT YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY. Please contact us urgently on 0113 323 0090 quoting reference Yours faithfully, Doorstep Collections Dept. MotorMile Finance UK Ltd. 0845 241 9070 :Telephon e 0113 323 0090 :Local 0808 168 6914 :Freephone To which I replied..... Sorry for the long postings... As I have mentioned in my previous messages, I do not want a visit to the property, I have put forward a possible solution & would like feedback on this from yourselves. Any unannounced arrival will not be allowed on to the property, and your agents will be asked to leave. If you keep threatening me I will escalate this to the FCA & Ombudsman citing harassment and improper conduct on your part. As for costs I will be sending invoices to you at a rate of £50 per email I have sent and £75 for each letter I have sent, as well as Doorstep visits being charged according to amount of time. I have put a reasonable request forward in the way of payments and wish nothing more than a reasonable reply in the matter, I wait with anticipation for a response to my question.
  3. This is an old debt from 2010 that was passed to a debt management firm to deal with when I got divorced & a set of bills appeared in my name the ex had made with my card details. Not heard anything from PTPD . . .then MMF appeared with it ... I think I will have to set up a pay plan with them to stop the process going any further .. unless there is another way? its no where near 6 years old either.
  4. Hello, That came by email yesterday afternoon, from what i've seen on this site I wondered about the post default interest..... Also noticed that one of the numbers.. .the 0845, has been taken off the replies now.
  5. And this came through today, the letter to them obviously hasn't been read, hasn't got there yet .. or been "lost" and I don't think the email I sent has been read, or if it has, then they don't have any regard for it Dear Mr NOTICE OF LEGAL ASSIGNMENT OF DEBT Our Ref: Pounds Till Payday - Payday Loan Debt Value: We hereby give you formal notice of legal assignment for the above debt. Your debt has been assigned to MotorMile Finance UK Limited (MMF) from Pounds Till Payday - Payday Loan. MMF is now the legal owner of the account. All default interest and collection charges have been frozen from your account for 7 days. If the account remains unpaid after this time, we will add default interest to the balance which will significantly increase the debt. Call NOW to benefit from this offer. Please contact us as a matter of urgency to resolve this matter, where one of our operatives will be happy to assist in finding you a solution: This matter is not going to go away and we need to discuss how to resolve this by calling our free phone 0808 168 6908, and quoting reference M2324397. We look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully, Collections Dept MotorMile Finance UK Ltd. 0113 8873866 :Local 0808 1686908 :Freephone
  6. Hows this sound? Dear Sir/Madam Ref account number ............. You have contacted me regarding the account with the above reference number, which you claim is owed by myself, I have no knowledge of any such debt being owed to Pounds til payday I have familiarised myself with the Financial conduct Authority (FCA) consumer Credit Sourcebook which states the following rules: “ A Firm must not ignore or disregard a customer’s claim that a debt has been settled or is disputed and must not continue to make demands for payment without providing clear justification and/or evidence as to why the customers claim is not valid” “ A Firm must suspend any steps it takes or its agent takes in the recovery of a debt from a customer where the customer disputes the debt on valid grounds or what may be valid grounds” “Where a customer disputes a debt on valid grounds or what may be valid grounds, the firm must investigate the dispute and provide details of the debt to the customer in a timely manner” In not ceasing collection while investigating a reasonably queried or disputed debt you are using deceptive and/or unfair methods. I have on a number of occasions asked for proof of said debt which have been ignored, a number of emails sent actually say what the debt is & who with, which I believe is against CSA code of conduct as well as the DPA, as nothing was agreed about said debt. As part of the evidence of liability I would need both the notice and deed of assignment, I refer you to Van Lynn Developments v Pelias Construction Co ltd 1968 and Webster & Rdgeway [2009] ELR 439
  7. Hi, Sorry for the late reply, hard drive decided to fail not been online for a while, thank you very much for the info..... not very good at stuff like this so all help appreciated. Is there anywhere on the site I can find hints & tips on putting a formal complaint together?
  8. And the winner is..... this gem this morning Please contact MMF on 01138 876 876 to pre-book a Home Visit appointment, otherwise our doorstep agent may have to arrive unannounced. Ref: ....... They have been warned that any visit will be reported to the police as harassment, and will not be allowed on the property.
  9. Many thanks for that .... will see what happens next
  10. Hi! Many thanks for that... been busy last few days.... guess what E-mail appeared today? Dear Mr TRANSFER TO HOME VISIT DEPARTMENT Our Ref: Pounds Till Payday - Payday Loan Debt Value: £838.88 Your file has now been passed to the Home Visit Department and a Doorstep Collection Agent will shortly be instructed to attend your property. The default will be registered with all 3 credit reference agencies in our month end report. If you wish to prevent this registration, contact us to accept one of the following offers: - Payment of the debt over monthly instalments. - A substantially discounted payment in full and final settlement of the debt. Contact us NOW before it is TOO LATE: 0113 887 3869. If we do not hear from you the default will be registered at Experian , Equifax and CallCredit and this will make it difficult for you to obtain credit now and for 6 years. Yours faithfully, Doorstep Collections Dept MotorMile Finance UK Ltd. 0845 2418729 :Telephone 0113 8873869 :Local 0808 1686913 :Freephone
  11. Many thanks for that ... . is there anywhere I can look for an appropriate response by registered post?
  12. As I will re-iterate.. you have NOT explained what the alleged monies are until this particular e-mail I HAVE replied and you have NEVER explained the issue ... you are NOT welcome to visit & any visits WILL be passed to the police as trespass & harassment and trying to obtain money with threats. this is the E-mail sent in reply to their demand
  13. this is the 3-4th Email sent by this company..... ever time I emailed then back they just sent another asking for my debt to be settled .... now they have sent this one threatening a home visit..... this particular debt was being dealt with by a debt management plan 3-4 years ago and in that time have not had anything from payday loans saying I needed to start paying it back. what are my options? im on a very low wage and im sure the amount was for £500 Many thanks
  14. Dear Mr................. HOME VISIT- Pre-Appointment Notice Our Ref: .......... Pounds Till Payday - Payday Loan Debt Value: &poun d;838.88 We note that we have not heard from you in response to our earlier communications. Your file is shortly scheduled to be transferred to one of our Home Visit Divisions. We are happy to try to resolve this matter without conducting a Doorstep Visit and would ask you to contact us by telephone or email to discuss repayment terms. Please note that if we do not hear from you, then you will be visited to assess your personal circumstances with a view to passing your account to our Legal Department. We would, lastly, advise that if you are able to make a lump sum settlement offer, then we would be willing to allow a 25% discount on the outstanding balance and to waive the default costs and interest that have not yet been added to your account balance. Please contact us urgently on 0113 887 3868 quoting reference.......... Unless we hear from you within 5 days, then your account will be prepared for transfer to the Home Visit Division.Yours faithfully, Doorstep Collections Dept. MotorMile Finance UK Ltd. 0845 2418728 :Telephone 0113 8873868 :Local 0808 1686912 :Freephone
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