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  1. As soon as they started saying things like "your life will get very difficult if you don't pay us immediately" I immediately knew I wasnt going to deal with them, hence my continuous attempts to contact vodafone, just getting nowhere with it.
  2. Hi Rebel Thanks for the info. I have filled in that form - reference number for Lee is #6950155.
  3. Hi there I have a big issue with Vodafone for which I am trying to sort out. I have had a contract with Vodafone which I then upgraded in November 2012. After a couple of months of paying fine I experienced some financial difficulties and contacted Vodafone to help. They simply removed my service, and put me on an unaffordable payment plan, and by removing my service I was forced to get a new phone and the costs involved with that. Since then Vodafone have been appauling in coming to a affordable solution (had they allowed me to use the phone whilst on the payment plan it would have been
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