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  1. Have roped in my dad who's good at all the legal stuff.. tough to admit there was an issue to him but rather him on side to help assist.. just sent consent for him to access account details. Still waiting on a break down since 19th... will send the SAR to as that amount back would make a deference between selling and not.. Tbh. . We are desperate to move for my son.. Thanks for.you help and will let you know how I'm going with it all.
  2. Thanks for your help. Where do I start with the ppi claim as loan was organised through a separate agent. One of those search for a loan companies.
  3. Interestingly no I don't have the CCJ.. However it is on try credit file. .. It was such a mixed/messed up time then can't really remember. . but normally I'm good at keeping court docs.. umm... Just remember being in the room and doing anything to agree and get out. . was hard on 1 wage for 5 months to get back on our feet. . How long would ppi claim take..?? If I got the ppi money back I'd be able to sell comfortable as partner has an unsecured loan charged to property for around that amount.. . I believe there is just enough to pay what fp are reques
  4. OK dug some paperwork out.. was little off the mark.. but here are some figures.. In 2010 arrears were at £3426.29 (roughly 10 months unpaid -may 2009) Agreement was 500 per month for 40 months. Total 20000.. umm Loan 30000 Ppi 7347 monthly interest at start was 0.869% APR 10.9 % First payment date 1/05/04 of 350.70 So payments between 05/04 and 05/09 equal = 350 x 12 x 5 = 21042 Payments made after 30/04/10 for 40m at 500 = 20000 They claim still owe 29000... Therefore all together 70042. On 30000.. ??? Plus 7347 for PPI no idea if any charges on any th
  5. Took out the loan in 2004, fell behind on payments due to husband going out of work.. end up at County court and agreed to repay at 500 a month rather than 375.. Over payment to repay the arrears.. The guy there worked out the amounts and time scales on calculator prior to seeing judge.. We agreed went in and I agree and we left.. at no point did he or I say it wasn't including interest. . I received a letter stating start and end of repayment and tbh both me and my partner believe until last year it was for the full loan. . until we called to
  6. Hi there, Thank you for the reply and sorry for the delay in my response as didn't see anyone had replied.. my bad. I called evershed and asked them how they got to that figure and they said.. not us its them.. grrr we are just the solicitors. I still ask them for a complete breakdown of how they/firstplus got to the figure. . They accepted my request and call ended.. back to first plus again.. their reasoning behind the interest is even more infuriating.. "We stopped taking interest from you in 2008 when you entered the repayment plan and the money yo
  7. Hi there, Looking for a little advise if possible please. We took out a loan many years ago 2004 roughly for 35000. We would like to sell our home and have a potential offer for the house we'd like to accept. However.. We thought we would be able to cover the costs with the sale as first plus said we only had 11300 (roughly) outstanding.. This took a while to even get as they kept sending us to Evershed and then evershed would say not us go to first plus.. Very annoying. . They said that it was minus interest but the total figure cam in today just say £29,689
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