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  1. I cannot answer that right now since I don't have the papers, I'll be able to tell you tonight. But I think the unpaid bill was either from February-March or March-April. The real problem is that my flatmate opened this letter (the one with the court claim) more than 10 days after he received it. And in the letter it says "you have 10 days to discuss this court claim blahblah". In other words, I think we're really in a problem.
  2. This is really annoying. In my shared house, my flatmate who was managing the water bill was paying methodically every month, but it seems that one month he did not see the letter and didn't pay one bill, (79 pounds). Well, yesterday, he opened one letter from Yorkshire Water saying that they would take us to court unless we paid £733 plus the bill not paid. He really messed it up, and it's going to be a huge problem for us. I'm spanish, so I'm not really aware of procedures here in England. What can we do now? Is there an option to not to pay that e
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