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  1. Hi... I've researched this whole issue.. It's a common fault with the larger BMW alloys... BMW have not admitted liability but will offer a refund pro rata based on mileage when they test the alloy for excessive damage. You should never repair alloy wheels, it's a soft metal. I would never risk it anyway especially with run flat tyres.. They charged me £600 per alloy, 19" double spoke alloys they are!
  2. Thanks for posting this document, ill have a read through it and look for the relevant parts... cheers,
  3. Thanks for your reply.. how sure are you on your statement about not having to offer the car company the chance to rectify under the sales of goods act? the mediator seemed quite sure about it... thank you again.
  4. Hi Rebel! I got finance on the car through the dealer Motonovo. The guys at the carlise branch both verbally confirmed that there is no way I could have caused these cracks in 4 weeks and cover 777miles, the cracks look old on the alloys... Kwick fit wouldn't put anything in writing for obvious reasons!
  5. Ill keep this short and sweet guys.. purchased a BMW 325D from a trader. 4 weeks later discover puncture and two cracked rear alloys.. happened at Carlisle on the way home from Scotland to Wales late afternoon. Kwick fit repared and replaced. disputes with trader throught MCOL and mediation happened last Thursday morning. Ive been told because I didn't offer the trader a chance to rectify the problem the judge may award against me, it wont fo in my favour. My issues were - I was stranded, granted I could have called him but I panicked and
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