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  1. True, but they want their money for allegedly breaching the law, whilst demanding rates for potholed road (the vast majority). The council have a legal obligation to properly exercise their semi judicial function. Negligently they didn't, clearly deliberately so by the specious reply, replying to a totally different question. Damages for time wasting and seatpolishing whilst brain not engaged, somethting they are supposed, I repeat supposed, but too incompetent to do. Thank you for correcting me on the full penalty and reduction, but despite the fine point outright blackmail, and
  2. Thank you for the continued interest. On appeal, the local authority finally decided to review the video and immediately withdrew the ticket. In essence, I was on a let in the pavement for approximately 20 seconds or less. They declined to answer the claim for costs, time wasted by their refusal to properly discharge their semi-judicial function initially and I will accordingly be making a claim against them to the ombudsman. They continued after the initial opposition to the ticket (because they didn't review the video at the time) and gave a specious response, which had nothin
  3. A let is the drop in a pavement so that cars can cross to properties. That section is reinforced to bear the wieght of vehicles.
  4. I am pleased to report, that as a result of the appeal, and a request for pictures, which Harrow was giving me the runaround on, Harrow has decided not to contest my appeal. Equally, I imagine they will ignore the obligation to provide photos as per their obligations under the section Entitlement to view a recording (Right to request pictures) on their PCN. I am however writing and asking for costs, as the Council were warned that time would be charged for. A forlorn hope, perhaps. Whilst I accept that I cannot ask for a video, I think it is perhaps worth bearing in mind that a
  5. A picture paints a thousand words, and for them the picture paints a thousand lies. The video proves the lies. All the more reason to require the video, and indemnity costs, penal if you will. They abuse their dominent position, and ignoring of their obligation under EU law to fulfill their obligation to exercise their judicial function properly, and be sacked. no compensation, if ignored. If only this was an ideal world.discharge their obligation, judicial funstion (article 6?) to properly discharge that function. Abuse of power, and who are the instructing functionairies? They should p
  6. This is picking up from the post on what is the definition of parking (back in Jan 2012). I needed to turn around but with following traffic, I pulled onto a let in the pavement, serving 2 houses. Unfortunately, there was a CCTV camera, covering a short parade of shops, and although a brief stop, the whole clip showing me driving on and about-30 secs, no later, driving off, during which time there was a CCTV snap. Made representations, and the diatribe, yes diatribe, I got back is that wheels on the off road highway causes damages, even though lets in the pavement have, by LA re
  7. Thank you, appeal in last night's post, today being the cut off unless extension granted.
  8. Thank you for the prompt response. I have to get the paperwork in the post tonight, but tried to access the images online, but, surprise, surprise, I cannot get to where the images are shown. So have done an email asking for copies of the video clip, about 30 secs, showing access onto let, a pause whilst cars pass and then exit. Fortunately, I had insisted in my original representations that the clip with 4 mins either side of the still image be preserved for evidenciary purposes. To add to my problems, I am having computer problems, plugin in crashes, my email to Harrow is stuck i
  9. Green and mean, in your post of 19 January 2012, you refer to various provisions, post 7, and referring to exemptions, Which Act or Regulations does this come from? I have had a PCN issued in respect of my driving onto a let in a pavement preparatory to turning the car around, and being stopped for about 20 seconds to get a break in the traffic. It seems to me that I would fall within (7) of the above and I need to be able to refer to the authority. This came from a CCTV camera which clearly shows me driving onto the let in the pavement (access to the front gardens of prop
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