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  1. One last question before I call them As the last payment date was Aug 2010 would this be statute barred now ??
  2. it does and have put a claim in when i saw it as i never knew it was there .. maybe the PPI might cover an offer to them rob.
  3. thank you for the promt reply and help .. no it is not but payment would be much better then a ccj to the side thank you for your help Rob.
  4. i have scanned them and removed my details rob. 07092017 info sent from cohen .pdf
  5. hmmm .. just got a pack of paper from howard cohen ..saying here is a sign copy of the credit agreement i had filled my defence on 19/05/2016 Defence and they have only just come back with the paper work .. after 1 year so what do i do now ? how do i move forward with this many thanks rob.
  6. thank you all for all your help . rob.
  7. does that mean it is in limbo untill they decide Rob.
  8. cool i will sit and wait then thank you as always rob.
  9. ok still no change dont know if this is good or bad but is it them just trying to get their house in order before moving to the next stage
  10. Hi .. what happends if there is no change to the mcol site on friday 22nd which should be 33 days i think . defence posted on the 20th june .. i have had no movement on it or no n180 form just wondered rob.
  11. not sure . i have the Barclaycard one in closed and the hoist one in closed on clearscore .. still waiting for them to do something on my mcol login as it still my defence is the last update but keeping my head down for the time being
  12. thanks for the promt reply does that mean this claim is now closed i know i have to sit and wait for court but it would help with sleeping as i not getting much at the moment
  13. how accurate are places like clearscore and noddle on clearscore there is a entry for hoist under closed Last updated 7 June 2016 but under noddle it says it is open 01/06/2016 and is in Default but it also says that the records are due to update in 11 days .. both are showing the same figure that i have on my POC so it would be the same debt just wondered why it it was closed under clearscore many thanks rob.
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