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  1. Thank you for putting my mind at rest I've never dealt with anything like this so I apologise for asking questions already on the site, I understand it probably gets frustrating. Can ,I ask how you all know this? Is it through personal experiences?
  2. Hi everyone. I've received a few more letters threatening the same things but now they're saying they are going to pass it on to a debt collector. Is the debt collector likely to come to my house or will they just send letters? Also, has RLP sold this case to them so they are going to desperately try to get this money back or is it still RLPs case? I'm worried if they will show up when I'm home alone.
  3. Does anyone know how many letters RLP typically send?
  4. Thanks for all the help and info. I keep reading through the other threads and everyone has always said the same thing. It says on my letter from RLP that if I don't pay within 21 days I will go to court. Is this just an empty threat? And has anyone actually ignored RLP and made an account of what happened on here? Thanks
  5. Thanks for all your advice and info. So they have no legal basis and can't do anything if I refuse to pay? There won't be any bailiffs involved, no debt collectors, no police officers? They'll just eventually have to leave me alone?
  6. I've read through some of the other threads but decided to post my own because no one else said the police had been called into the store to talk to them. My worry is more than anything, is it likely Tesco will take it further because they're a massive company and can afford to take it to court? Have they done this before? And if so, how much money have the offenders had to pay to them? Sorry for all the questions, this is all new to me. If Tesco take me to court will it come up as a criminal record on my CRB/DBS? Thanks everyone
  7. Hi everyone I'm wondering where I stand with RLP. In Tesco myself and a friend were taken to the holding room by Tesco security for concealing items. We are both 20. We were told that only I would receive a fine as the items (adding up to around £15) were only in my bag, and not my friend's as well. However today (almost 3 weeks later) we have both received a fine letter adding up to £188.75, even though Tesco told us my friend wouldn't have one, and gave their word that she wouldn't because she was just an associate. On the day of the incident, Tesco called the police in but they decided not to prosecute us or give us a criminal record or anything on our CRB/DBS because we have never done it before, and we are not wanted by the police for anything else. Tesco decided that we couldn't pay for the items on the day and that I would instead receive a fine from RLP. Does anyone have a similar experience or can they tell me if the police can be involved again seeing as they've already been called? Has this gone from a criminal to a civil issue now or is there still the possibility of being arrested for this incident or having a mark on my CRB? Thanks in advance Edit: I confessed to concealing the items as we had been seen on CCTV and my friend confessed to knowing I had done it/being an associate. There is no breakdown on the letter for what the £188.75 fine is for, i.e. security time, damaged goods, etc.
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