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  1. In your experience what is their next move likely to be? Personally I don't want to risk going to court over it.
  2. Ok so in that case if I want to carry on disputing, can you give me some advice on what route to take next? If it keeps going back and forth what is the likelihood it would end up in court? The value of the debt is £380. Will the value matter at all as to whether they pursue it through court?
  3. Seems as though my little battle might be over then if this is the case because it seems the only way out of this will be through courts. I have come off a debt management plan and contested the debts that have fell of my credit file (which one of these in question is) but I have made regular payments to them for the past few years so the likelihood is I would lose in court anyway wouldn't I?
  4. So it is basically just a standard document of what a CCA agreement would have been at the time? How is that enforceable still they could send that out to anyone who requests a CCA couldn't they?
  5. Halifax have sent me a copy of a "re-constituted" CCA agreement it hasn't got my signature on? How enforceable is this?
  6. Confused, how can they chase a debt if there is no valid CCA for it? What authority do they have? So basically all they can't do is issue a CCJ?
  7. My understanding is if they can't supply a CCA they can't legally chase the debt can they? Will send that letter to them, cheers.
  8. Thanks, Is there also one stating something along the lines of until you or the creditor provide a CCA agreement I do not recognise a debt to you or something like that? I would prefer writing something to that effect along with stating that I will only communicate with them in writing. Thanks again.
  9. Moorcroft have today sent somebody to my house although I wasn't in. It is for a debt I have with Halifax where by I have sent Halifax a CCA request and they haven't replied. I had originally sent my CCA request to Moorcroft who informed me that I would need to send it on to Halifax. Is there a standard template letter I can send to Moorcroft you can recommend to me to stop them from coming out and pursuing me until the CCA request is sent to me from Halifax.
  10. Hi, Blair, Oliver & Scott have forwarded my CCA request to Halifax who have written to me to tell me they do not have a valid account number for me to trace my account and can I provide information such as Full address, name, DOB and date account opened if I do not have the account number, which I don't. 5 days later they have sent me what looks to be a automatically generated letter chasing me for payment for the account that I sent the CCA request for which they said they couldn't trace. What would you advise to do here? This debt is not on my credit file an
  11. Hi, I have sent off the CCA requests, all but Moorcroft have said that they have sent off for them and it takes 40 days to receive them. Moorcroft instructed me to send my CCA request directly to my creditor which I have but in addition to this Moorcroft keep ringing me because obviously they haven't received a payment from me. Shall I just ignore them and cease contact or advise them that I have sent the CCA request to the original creditor and I won't be dealing with them until that is resolved?
  12. I've literally just come off my DMP, paid off the debts on my credit file in the past week. I think my last payment to the 4 DCA's was about 4 - 6 weeks ago so it's fairly fresh. I have spoken to two of them this week about partial settlements but before I took it any further I wanted advice which in hindsight I should have done the other way around. It was the attitude of the DCA's that led me to seek advice I could tell from speaking to them it was a bit farcical, some young kid on the phone trying to close me for any partial settlement he/she could, I
  13. No bank account debts, 3 loans and a credit card, no ppi attached and as far as I am aware no charges. Some maybe pre 2007, some may not but what is the importance of that? Amounts £780, £600, £390 and £180 round about. I don't have any assets apart from a car. I am just keen to find out the best way of dealing with this, based on these comments it seems I would be best advised to send a CCA request to them?
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