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  1. Hi all an update: MMF had not replied to emails and i have not received a letter as of yet, i emailed sam the original woman dealing with the case, i explained that i am still waiting for the letter that she agreed to get to me and i asked for a scanned copy via email also, she replied by stating that no letter gets sent or default removed until after the debt is paid. I then informed her i dont want the default removed immediately and understand that it will not be removed until after payment BUT i want the letter of confirmation stating that the default will indeed be removed. email below: I wrote..... Hi Sam, I requested that you send a letter confirming that you would remove the default after payment, i understand that this will not be done until after payment. on the 14/05/2014 you informed me this would happen I quote "Dear John I have requested this for you from Admin by e-mail and post, should be with you asap" This is what i am referring to, So i need this confirmed in writing, I have been made aware from other individuals whom have dealt with your company that you have taken more than the agreed amount in the past and not stood by your word. All i simply ask for is a letter confirming that on receipt of payment you will remove the default from my credit file. Also confirmation of the exact amount you will be taking. This is what you agreed to. I do not want the default removed until after payment. Please send me the confirmation letter asap and also email me a scanned copy. Thank you she replied.... Yes I have requested the original credit agreement that you asked for That’s with admin I do not send that for you , this is a call centre I am a call centre agent not a administration clerk I cannot send what you ask for only request which was done for you. As said before you will not receive a letter about the default until its clear. i replied.... The Credit agreement is not what i need, its the letter stating the default be removed, pass to admin that if this can not be provided i will wish to cancel payment and will be cancelling my card with immediate effect. I have yet to receive a reply. Now i do not mind paying the debt as £240 ish does not break the bank BUT i DO want the default removed. Now she is stating that after payment it will be removed and i will receive the letter. If they do not honor this and do not take the correct amount equating to the 20% off the original debt, is there any law that they are breaking or anyone i can complain to? regards L
  2. Hi all Yes according to the dates they are saying that they sent a DN prior to the car being removed from my possession. I got the finance through a 3rd party company whom conducted all contact with moneybarn etc. I will still send the SAR as you never know it may bring something up. However i have until friday to reply to them, what should i say?? regards L
  3. Also as they have requested i reply before friday is there anything i should do? reply to the email stating the debt is under investigation etc? many thanks
  4. Hi guys, No they're stating on the statement of account that the default notice was served on the 15/05/13 and i believe this was cancelled as it shows payment made from my account after that date, the most recent default notice after that is on the 14/10/13. Mt statement of account is attached in one of my previous posts for your perusal. I will email the SAR to my friend and get it sent off to them as soon as possible. Regards JL
  5. On looking at the statement of account it says they issued a default notice on the 15/05/13 could this be false and they are saying this to cover there backsides? I have prepared the SAR letter and will sign, scan and send to a friend, is it a £10 postal order that i need to include? regards JL
  6. If im honest they may have sent the letter of default to the old address, however i cant confirm this, I will get a SAR sent as soon as im home, i could possibly get a friend to print it and send? is this possible or does it need my scribble on the letter? Yes i cant understand why it does not have a date on the credit file either and states up to date?? regards JL
  7. Hi all, thanks for the replys ok here goes: Citizen B thanks for merging my posts appreciated I have yet to get the SAR off as i am working in the Indian Ocean on a vessel until the 2nd June I have the agreement but again that is at home I will however email them and ask for a copy of the agreement if that helps. The repo guy left me with a pink sheet that showed there was no damages to the car and another sheet i had to sign saying i agree to him taking the vehicle. dx100uk as the total equates to over a third what does this mean for me? As the third comprises of my deposit, my payments BUT the majority is due to the sale of the vehicle at auction. Does this count as me paying?? As i wont be returning home until the 2nd June should i email moneybarn asking for them to prove they send a default notice. and a termination notice Many thanks for your help thus far its greatly appreciated, really is regards JL
  8. Hi all any help is greatly appreciated with this, many thanks
  9. Hi all i made a post recently reference my case with moneybarn but cant seem to find it in my subscribed threads. My car was taken by a Repo guy after i returned home from working overseas, the late payments were due to an issue with the bank, i was away for a long time working and was under the impression payments were being made from my account. I returned and a Repo guy turned up for the car and took it to be sold at auction. I emailed Moneybarn and asked the current situation and i received this reply today: We refer to your email below. As you are aware, your agreement has been terminated due to non-payment. As a result of the agreement being terminated, the vehicle was recovered and sold at auction. The sale proceeds have been applied to your account and the sum of £6,456.72 remains outstanding. Attached is a statement of account showing how this amount is made up. Also attached is a copy of a letter sent to you on 7 May 2014. You will note that we have requested a response by 23 May 2014. Given the amount of £6,456.72 remains outstanding we are unable to remove this from your credit file. Regards Jade Rutherford Litigation Assistant - RAML The email has a statement of account attached and a letter stating i need to make payment or set up a payment plan by the 23rd May or court proceedings will begin. i have attached the documents they sent me, have been sent to my old address. any help and advice, even a template email/letter to return to them would be great. Are there any charges that i can get deducted from the total amount? Thanks in advance
  10. Hello, I still have not received the letter and have emailed the individual whom i was previously in contact with stating that if i do not receive the letter via scanned email and post by tuesday then i will be forced to cancel any payment, this will include cancelling my card. I then asked if they would send me an invoice for the exact amount and informed them i would pay it via bank transfer on the last working day. Will see what reply i get thanks J
  11. Many thanks for your reply, I will get as much info together ad I can. I hope to get a reply from them next week via email this may help to see what the situation is at present. The debt is not showing as defaulted on my credit file so really if they are saying it's upto date should I just leave it be?? I will not be able to get a copy of the agreement until I return to the UK no one has access to my property. If I get an email I will update. Thanks so far it's appreciated
  12. i didnt inform them as they had the car back, i have however emailed moneybarn a few times, i will get a SAR sent so i have it in place, and im not sure if it was a bill of sale?? I got the car via a third party company who got me the finance from moneybarn.
  13. This is the tricky part, i moved from the address that the car and finance agreement was registered too, and have no idea as to whether they have sent a default notice or not??
  14. it was the 10th january 2013 the start date, im confused as to why it says up to date and has no default date? i am thinking maybe my deposit of £2000 covered what i owed and they sold the car at auction leaving no outstanding debt maybe??
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