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  1. Thanks. We paid by debit card. I'll have a phone round and see if I can get a reasonable quote from an engineer.
  2. October 2012 we bought a Logik brand LED TV for £199.99 All was fine until April2014 when the start up failed. NORMALLY there's a red light which comes on and you press either the button on the TV or remote to switch on. The light goes blue and the TV comes on. Now it just stays red and no start up happens. We went to Currys where we bought it and they said they could send it off to their repair centre and have it checked but it would cost us £95 which would be refundable if they find a fault. They also said if we wanted, we could have it checked by an independent engineer and get back to them. Now we thought 18 months is NOT an acceptable time for a TV to last so I emailed their customer services who just said the same. I got some advice from the citizens advice who have a template letter which refers to the Sale of Goods Act. I sent this to Currys head office (registered post) and they have taken two weeks to call us with the same information, plus claiming they do it everyday and people easily have their £95 back. Really, EVERYDAY? Is that really a selling point? We have since purchased a Sony TV (went halves on a special offer in Tesco), so we don't have £95 to spend on a repair. We could get a quote and report from an independent engineer but it's more money, which we don't have. I still have the Logik TV, well packaged and tucked in a cupboard. What I need to know is, is there any point in getting an independent repair? Has anyone done this themselves and been successful in receiving either a refund or exchange from Currys?
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