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  1. I have received a County Court Claim Form. We supplied some materials to a company/partnership and they made a mess of it and are trying to blame our materials and are claiming we advised them incorrectly as to the suitability of the materials we sold them. The name and address on the Form is not the same as detailed on our Invoices to them. We do recognize the guys name as one of the people that we were dealing with. He seems to be claiming as an individual rather than the company/partnership we dealt with. I have checked and they are not a limited company and could be a part
  2. I am following this thread with interest although it sounds more complicated than my case. We supplied materials to a limited company at address "A" but the County Court Form is in an individuals name with a different address, address "B". We recognise the guys name as one of those we were dealing with and I think he is a director of the company we sold the goods to, but do we have a defence of wrong name and address on the form as we did not sell anything to him as an individual? He is claiming that the materials we sold were not fit for the purpose and we do not agree with that as
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