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  1. can some one help me i had 2 laptops which i dropped downstairs into a non repairable state so i threw them in the bin without thinking. they are now telling me that they have put a record on my file and that the police will be notified for theft as deception .Can the police get involved if this is a civil matter. I have fallen behind with payments and now getting numerous phone calls a day. the guy i told was really arrogant and he said he didnt believe me. can anyone please help me and can the police be involved?
  2. i didnt destroy them on purpose it was an accident is this classed as a civil matter they are trying to use scare boy tactics with the police coming round and theft as deception
  3. hi there im new to this. i need help please. i purchased a 42" tv and 2 laptops from perfect home on hp. A few weeks ago the tv blew and got pinched when i put it on the front to clean up. The other day i was carrying the 2 laptops downstairs when i dropped them and they smashed beyond repair. I put them in the bin without thinking and now im being threatened for theft as deception as they're saying they dont believe me and also threatening with the police. I have reluctantly fallen behind with payments from losing my job and now they are demanding £22 a week off me when i clearly cant afford. I also had another tv off them but ive sent that back. Can police get involved in a civil dispute if thats what this is? Please can some one help
  4. i had a tv and 2 laptops off these the tv blew and then i dropped the laptops downstairs into a state of total destruction. when i rang and told them they said they didnt belive me and that the police were going to be notified for theft as deception
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