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  1. I'll ask friend to take a couple of photos tomorrow for me, do these need to be just of the sign as you drive in, or the ones displayed by the parking meter also? right okay, so I should await a NTK before taking any action With the appeal, what grounds am i appealing on? Is it worth making contact with the land owner? - I ask this due to what is said when i hovered over the 'ignore' above
  2. I know this sounds like a stupid question - but what is the definition of a speculative invoice? and was are the implications of this?
  3. I was visiting a friend so am not in Cardiff anymore I can picture the sign in my head now, it was about a metre wide, metre and half long, around eye level. As you drive in, there is a gate entrance ahead, and the parking i used was just to the left - not through the barriers With regard to the NTK, (this will go to my Dad) - what should i do upon receiving this?
  4. [ATTACH=CONFIG]50901[/ATTACH] Is this more useful?
  5. I tried uploading a photo, but it isn't clear at all Having read through, the words used mainly are 'Parking Charge Notice' What would you advise?
  6. Hi, I parked overnight from Sat-Sun in UWIC's Hall Carpark, stupidly, I had no change and friend advised that 'no one pays fines so its all ok' And I got a ticket on 4/5/14 This was from VINCI Park Services UK Ltd; £40 - £16 if paid within 14 days Am I right to believe, from what i have read in another post on here, that all they can claim from me - if i refuse to pay - is the £1 they have lost from me using a space in their almost empty carpark?
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