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  1. Hi I was just wondering if a SPO is granted and then the mortgage company sold the mortgage to another company would that SPO still be valid or would the new mortgage company need to apply for a new one. Many thanks
  2. If a financial link is made what information of mine would appear on their credit report, as concerned any defaults or ccj's on mine would show up on theirs informing them of my financial.. Is it the same for all 3 agencys
  3. Hi thank you for your response, one more thing as an authorised user of this account if my problems escalate, is there anyway in which the account would be vulnerable?
  4. Hi Don't know if this is the right place to post. I have a not so good credit rating and a company I work for want me to be placed as an authorised user on there bank account (very small) company it would give me a debit card and online banking. As I would only be an authorised user and own 0% of the company would my record be linked with those also named on the account. Obviously do not want to affect there credit worthiness with my own credit record. Many thanks
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