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  1. Sabreshee thank you for your input. I will add it to the ever growing TODO list. As you say it's worth highlighting and raising awareness of these errors. jazz x
  2. Just to update, I still await SAR from BC - The 40 + 2 days is up next week. Meanwhile all four creditors have accepted reduced repayments, as I was struggling and missing payments and agreed no more phone calls, contact by letter only. Standing orders set up I feel more in control, and more prepared to face things. Big relief for me thanks to my friend who has been very proactive. Meanwhile HSBC have sent a huge box of paperwork much of it back further than 6yrs so will start new threads in HSBC Forum when we start unravelling the contents. Jazz x
  3. Thank you for responses and input so far everyone. I am reading as much as I can already and have the FOS questionnaire downloaded in readiness. It's looking like a SAR is the first place to start I have a lot of paperwork, but not complete history I have charges as well as PPI seems I will be making two separate claims? I'll be back with more questions no doubt but I'm wading in reading at the moment trying to grasp the correct route to follow. Thanks Jazz x
  4. Thank you for reply, will check these things you mentioned. One original Morgan Stanley card to BC Mercers and Calder involved One egg card to BC Mercers involved Ahh last Egg loan bought by Britannica-moorgate so my mistake. I've only recently been helped to figure out what's what. So it probably clarifies a bit more I'll check credit file as well when I see my friend tomorrow and report back. Thanks for direction.
  5. Good afternoon, I searched the board, but didn't find anything, I wondered if this has happened to anyone else? I changed my address with BC in 2011, my statements, and all other mail from BC and Mercers etc are at my current address. imagine my surprise when I received Two letters one sent in Jan 2014 and one in March 2014 which have found their way to me (Via a relative, who rents out to new tenants) two letters advising me I may have been missold PPI. Is this an underhand tactic for the bank to justify telling me, in the hope I would never receive ? It give's me option of phoning, writing or filling in BC questionnaire online, but I've been told by someone who recommended I joined here, that it's best to use the FOS questionnaire? Is it worth kicking up a stink about them using a previous address? Or highlight it at some point along the way? I have three accounts with BC would any reason they may have just have one account listed in the above PPI letter, when I seem to have PPI and charges on all three and have been paying reduced rates for several years dealing with Mercers/Calder and Moorgate all in house DCA's (I've been told) all at my current address! My friend has sent me links to PPI section this BC section and stickies to read up on to which I've gleaned lots of pointers. I've been unable to face things for a long time, but with the support of my friend I've been able to start sorting out my paperwork and am determined to become debt free thanks for reading and any direction you may offer Jazz Sorry if this is in BC thread and should be in PPI, I wasn't sure which to use.
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