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  1. I now have my statements from Lloyds and want to write my first letter requesting a refund of charges. However, the charges relate to two accounts, one in my sole name and one jointly with my partner. I would prefer to commence one action against the Bank but will I be forced to spit the actions and start one in my own name for my own account and one with my partner and I as joint claimants for our joint account? It will save costs if I can add the two lots of charges and interest together and take one action in my own name, but I don't know if this is possible. Is there anyone w
  2. I have at last received the statements from the bank showing all the charges. I am going to start drafting my fist letter demanding the money back. However, I have two accounts with Lloyds both of which have had excessive charges debited. Do I have to make two separate claims and therefore incur double court costs, or can I add the sums together and make one claim against them. One of the accounts is in my sole name, and the other is in the joint names of my partner and myself. For the joint account do I have to include my partner as a claimant? If so, then I suppose I have to make a sep
  3. I'll wait seven days and if I still haven't received them then I'll call them and start hassling them. I'll phone them several times a day until they get sick and tired of me and then maybe they'll send them just to shut me up! Carole
  4. After having written 4 letters since last May and still not receiving the statements, I sent an email as suggested by someone on this site. I received a response saying they had sent them in June and again on 9th August. I have never received anything! I don't believe that they sent them. I receive bank statements and letters at my home address, so why not the statements with charges! I wrote back and confirmed they had my correct address and they replied that they did. They said they were going to "action" my request again. We'll see what happens this time. Has anyone else had the sam
  5. You are extremely lucky! I have written 4 letters between May and August of this year and they just ignore me. I am going to phone them when I get home from work and let rip! I've been very polite so far, but now is the time to be Mrs Nasty!!! Good luck with your claim. Harleysmum
  6. I am unfortunately still at first stage. I first wrote to Lloyds on 11 May asking for a breakdown of the last six years bank charges. They ignored me. I wrote again on 2 June, again on 22 June and authorised them to debit my account £10 for the charges. I wrote again on 3 August and although they phoned me and said they had sent the details in a large package, it never arrived. I told the woman over the phone that it hadn't arrived and that she would have to send me a duplicate. It is now nearly 3 weeks since then and yet I have received nothing. I will phone Lloyds this evening and
  7. Lloyds have still not sent me details of my bank charges and its now around 58 days since I first requested. I wrote a second letter and received a phone call saying they had sent them. Funny how I receive all their letters telling me of the charges when they bounce something (and thats because they ripped me off the previous month) but I don't receive the statement of charges. From what the woman said to me, they just send a huge stack of statements, and they don't detail the bank charges separately. It therefore seems that when I do eventually receive the statements I will have to
  8. I wrote to Lloyds about 58 days ago asking for details of my bank charges over the last six years. I never had a response so I wrote again reminding them that they should have replied within 40 days. I then received a telephone call from a woman saying they had sent out the papers! She said it would be a big package of statements and sometimes they get damaged in the post. She also said that if it was a particulary large package they send them by DHL. She told me she would look into it and send out duplicates. That was last week and I have still heard nothing. I was under the impression
  9. Thanks for your help Breadline, I will do as you suggest. Carole
  10. Hi there, this is my first posting! I wrote to Lloyds TSB (my branch where the account is held) asking for the last six years charges to be sent to me. I got a letter back saying I should have written to my own branch!!!! I wrote again saying that was my own branch and if the matter need be dealt with elsewhere then they should forward it to the appropriate department. I have now heard back saying they will deal with my request when I give authority for them to debit my account £10. I have written back giving authority and now eagerly await the details of charges so that I can commence my
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