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  1. Yes I have come here asking for advice. That's what the forum is for. Not to judge people for what they might have done. Like I said if you don't have anything useful to add then bore off. I haven't got any time for keyboard warriors.
  2. I posted a thread for advice to help with my current NIP. Not to listed to moral digs about speeding. You don't know me and you don't know the situation so if you don't have anything useful to add please don't bother commenting.
  3. Just checked the date of my last course and it was 1st June 2011. Damn! I'm guessing it goes on date of the speeding offence which was in April this year. What are my best options now?
  4. I have done 1 speed awareness course. Just over 3 years ago. I'm in an area where they're offered yes. Does this mean I will definitely get offered one for this?
  5. Just looking for some advice to ask if there is any way of avoiding liability for a PCN issued by East Staffordshire Borough Council. I was parked in a pay and display car park for around 15mins with no ticket. Came back to find a PCN on my windscreen. The car was actually for sale at the time, and has since been sold. Do I have any way of avoiding it or do I just have to pay it? Thanks in advance
  6. In need of some advice with speeding offences please. I recently received a NIP through the post from a fixed rear facing camera for 38mph in a 30 zone. I am not disputing the NIP- I know the road well and know the camera is there I must have had a lapse in concentration. The problem is I am currently on 15 points having already successfully pleaded exceptional hardship to escape a totting ban once already. 09/2011 6 points sp30 02/2012 3 points sp50 01/2013 6 points sp30 (+ successfully pleaded exceptional hardship to avoid totting ban) I can apply for the first
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