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  1. P.s. does it matter that I recorded our conversation with out him knowing??
  2. Do I need to take action/ judgment against him now? Or shud I continue with the letter I was going to send to him about the agreed payment plan for now until he has more..and get him to put it into writing if I can? Thanks for your help
  3. He has mentioned a payment plan because he's finishing his exams before getting another job, I asked him to put this in writing but he hasn't yet. Last night I sent him an email regarding this and a text but he tells me his PC is broken. I was going to type the letter and send it to him registered mail so he signs for it. Thanks
  4. Hi its approx £700.00 some was cash but I know I did a bank transfer to his account of £250.00. I have nothing in writing but of our last e mails he joked about not owing it but then kind of admitted it. Need to check exactly what was said.. I also recorded a conversation a couple of times with us talking about the money etc. At the time I lent it to him because he was struggling with his rent I know he prob used some of it around Xmas too. Hope this helps. Thanks
  5. I borrowed my boyfriend money now he's dumped me ?? What rights have I got? How can I best get my money back?? Please help
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