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  1. I've not sent any CCA's or SAR's I've only sent them prove it letters up to this point.
  2. Thats what I would have thought but they still registered a default on my credit file, which is the main thing I'm worried about.
  3. Thanks, that's good to know, and also very unfair for those of us who are being mistakenly chased for a debt.
  4. I was under the impression the burden of proof lies with the company who owns the alleged debt. In my opinion so far they have only proved I had a barclaycard which I have never disputed. They have not proved there was any unpaid amount on the account. Am I wrong in thinking this? The information looks about right, I can't say for sure it's exactly correct or incorrect as I have no records to compare it to. No, I have no paperwork for this account at all, the card was taken out 10 years ago and closed within 12-18 months of opening. I have sent a letter to barclaycard, although not a SAR with the £10 fee as I didn't know about this at the time of sending. I've not had a response yet, would it be best to wait for a response from barclaycard or should I sent SAR as well? Thanks
  5. Hi, I've been receiving letters from debt collection agencies for several years for a barclaycard debt. I did take out a barclaycard 10 years ago and I fully paid off the balance and closed the account. The card was never activated so could not have been used to make any payments, it also had an interest free period of 18 months, the debt was paid off before the interest free period ended and no payments were missed. There could not have been any interest, fees or other charges on the account. I have always disputed this debt as not being correct. Each time I received a letter from an agency I sent a prove it letter, I would not get a response and I would usually not hear from that particular company again. The last company to contact me was Aktiv Kapital, I sent them a prove it letter and they responded with a letter stating they have no copy of an original credit agreement and would no long be pursuing the debt, this happened about a year ago. Recently I was enquiring about remortgaging the house to fund an extension and failed the credit check. I looks on experian and equifax and saw that a default had been listed on both accounts from AK. I contacted the CRA's and AK, all of whom refused to remove the entry from my report. While on the phone to AK I was informed that they do have a copy of the credit agreement and I asked it to be sent to me. I've now received the original credit agreement which is for the barclaycard I had, it shows I requested to transfer a balance of around £2600 from another card, the debt AK are saying is owed is just over £600. AK have not provided any other evidence such as statements or letters. I have also complained to the Financial Ombudsman and received a response from AK stating some of the above information. I have not progressed the complaint on to the next stage at this time. I'd like some advice on what to do at this stage. I want to have the default on my credit report removed and for the debt to be officially acknowledged as having been paid off as I don't owe this money. I also would like (if it's actually plausible) to have some form of compensation for the time and stress this has caused over a period of many years. In addition it has caused significant issues as we are now unable to extend out home due to the default on the credit reports. Furthermore I took out a loan around 3 months ago and I will have undoubtedly received a higher interest rate than I would have done had the default not been on my credit report. Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks.
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