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  1. Unfortunately all of the pages show nothing regarding why is my score lowered. I've emailed the VM executive team and they seem to be looking forward to resolve the issue.
  2. My credit score is about 580 and it sits between Poor and Fair. Is there a way to see why is the reason for that? This seems kinda inadequate...
  3. So I'll be in some kind of register of naughty customers and if I want to get a loan out of a bank I would not be able to do it in the next 6 years? Would you suggest that I just pay the £40 and forget about...?
  4. When are they going to do that... and why are the mobile phone companies related?
  5. Thanks for the replies. I will update my address asap... what do you mean that my credit file could be damaged for 6y by the mobile phone companies?
  6. Good to know. But another thing is that they don't have my current address as I've moved out from the last one...
  7. Unfortunately I can't find the contract as I was in a different property by the time and I might have left it there with the idea that everything would be ok after I paid the last bill. After checking their website it seems that the standard procedure would be to notify them 30 days before wanting it to be terminated, but I feel that I was mislead by the representative in their office who told me it would be terminated after 9 months (the obvious idea behind a student contract). However, this could be my mistake that I haven't done my research and reading of the whole contract, but again
  8. Hi everyone, I have had a student contract with VMedia that has expired before the summer and now I'm receiving daily calls from 08451400500. I've had the chance to answer them once and despite the strange accent that the guy had, he wanted me to confirm my address, which I did not remember by the time of the call and he said he'll call me later (prob wanted to check if I'm the person they are looking for). After talking to VM online chat they were very certain that I need to pay a month extra, after the contract has ended as I didn't notify them about cancelling the contract
  9. I've just sent the letter today, addressed to the Clerk in duty and the letter was starting with "To the attention of the District Judge" and my reference numbers... : x
  10. I'd like to give it a try, on the letter from the police it says that if I do a early plea of guilty I might get a reduced charge... So if I'm addressing the Magistrates Court I should address it to the attention of the District Judge?
  11. Hello people and thank you very much for the help you've provided. I have one last question, who should I address my letter to? I think of posting it tomorrow, but I don't really know should I put some reference numbers on it, should it be to some judge and etc.?
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