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  1. Hi i need some urgent advice I bought a 5 burner glass hob march 2016 (9 months ago). It was fitted with the new kitchen. Hob was supplied by the kitchen manufacturers. Hob manufacturers are CDA. Advertised as 2 year warranty My wife was warming milk in a light pan when the glass all shattered. Felt like a bomb exploding in the house. Really shook everyone up especially the wife. Quite confidently i assumed i will ring CDA in the morning and it will be replaced. Rang in the morning i was informed that glass is only covered for 6 MONTHS but if i can send the images in they can have a look at it as a good will gesture. Got a return email stating that they have had a look at the images and it is not caused by manufacturers defect. It was caused by oversize pan or on impact. I argued how can you tell by the images that it was caused by impact or oversized pan. I also argued that i bought the appliance from your catalogue and clearly it states 2 yrs warranty and no evidence of 6months for the glass. First i was told it states it on the card with appliance so i had to buy the appliance before i become aware of this then she tried to tell me that i should have read terms and conditions on their website before buying it. Buy this time i was really annoyed and asked her how many times have YOU bought a appliance and from the shop you have gone on to the manufacturers website to read term and conditions. Well that got her a bit moody and asked me to email in and it will be passed to our management. This is a extract from their terms and conditions they are refering to: which are not covered( NO 6 MTHS MENTIONED) Consumables and cosmetic parts such as glass, bulbs, seals, fuses, filters, external hoses, cosmetic parts, baskets, trays, burner caps, burner bases etc. So please can anyone help with advice to, where i stand because i fell like im being fobed off Any advice will be appreciated
  2. I kno im paying a solicitor but the advice i get from is is i dont know how long it will take. I gave done my investigating to how to cancel a lease. I need to fill in AP1 form and send to land registry and they cancel lease straight away. But the land charges from county court you need to provide evidence to have it cancled
  3. Buying a property ready to complete and just came to light that a lease was taken out on the property and has not been cancelled and also there is a charge on the property. Property was a public house been on the market for over a year and business closed for well over a year. The property is unregistered with land registry. My solicitor advised that the lease and the charges need to be cancelled before we can proceed. Also says that he doe not know if the lease can be cancelled etc etc. Does anyone know where i stand with this. So frustrated feel like pulling out of the purchase
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