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  1. The DWP have now confirmed this. I still can't post links because I'm a new member, but there's a freedom of information request on the What Do They Know site which covers this. Maybe someone else can find the link and post it. Here's the relevant quote :- "2. The HtW package of support applies to Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) claimants whose Work Programme Completer Interview (WPCI) is on or after 28 April 2014. 3. Where the WPCI date is prior to 28 April 2014, the previous JSA Post Work Programme Support (PWPS) guidance must be followed. " So it seems that people who completed the Work Programme before 28th April 2014 will remain on Post Work Programme Support, while those who finish on or after April 28th will be mandated to the Help To Work scheme.
  2. Thanks again for the advice, it worked fine! My advisor was puffing herself up, about to threaten me with a sanction, when I showed her the relevant section of Chapter 3 of the Universal Jobmatch handbook with the section about consent not being mandatory highlighted, and asked her to read it back to me. She turned pale (quite a feat considering she's African), and then called her Manager over. The Manager looked at me, shrugged her shoulders, smiled and said "He's right". End of discussion, and I walked out doing a victory fist-pump By the way, the Manager also said that consent may become mandatory from October, due to the goverment "having found a way around the Data Protection Act" -_-
  3. Someone made a Freedom of Information Request about "My Work Plan" last year, and the DWP responded that it's not mandatory and you can't be sanctioned for not filling it in. This information is available on the Refuted website. I tried posting a direct link to it but apparently I'm not allowed to post links because I'm a new member on this forum with less than 10 posts. But here's a quote from the article. If you copy and paste this sentence into Google and search, it should lead you to the article. QUOTE :- Completion of the My Work Plan booklet is not a condition of Jobseekers Allowance or Universal Credit. Completion can be refused without sanctions. This is confirmed in the attached [Jobcentre] guidance. Print that out and show it to your Advisor.
  4. Great, thanks for the links Jasta - extremely useful and just the info I was looking for.
  5. Thanks for the replies and advice, Jasta and everyone else. It's much appreciated and very helpful. I will stand my ground on this issue if confronted about it again at the JC, and will report advisors if necessary. I really resent that they are making me feel like a criminal simply for standing up for my legal rights.
  6. Hello. I'm a Post Work Program JS claimant (I finished the Work Program around two months ago). At my last signing an advisor told me that ticking the consent boxes allowing the JC access to my Universal Jobmatch account and to receive emails from DWP is now mandatory. My understanding is that this is not the case, and that I cannot be forced to give consent to access, due to data protection laws. Has this rule changed recently, or was the advisor lying to me? The information I can find online on the consent issue mostly dates from 2013. Does anyone have any up-to-date knowledge/experience of this? Is consent now mandatory for people who have finished the Work Program?
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