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  1. Hi I have iti in writing from Black Horse Finance , they have confirmed that I had nothing to do with the loan application they have also sent in writing a letter confirming that hey will seeking to take the money from my ex's share , I have tried in vain to obtain the details of ccj from the court , I have seen a solicitor a few times and was told that the charging order is as stands , but it has since been cancelled by Black Horse finance when my solicitor suggested i contact Black , and suggest that they could not legally obtain the charging order using what they knew to be forged documen
  2. Hi , no doubt the bank is entitled to my ex's share , but the bank no longer have a charging order against the property , they simply have an interest in where the money goes , I have read a little about Unilateral notices and while they are not supposed to effect the sale of the house i know that they do , as i am in the middle of trying to sell my house , I just wondered if Black Horse , could object in anyway if they were not happy with the amount of money they were going to receive , I mean it will not cover the loan , my ex has other assets i mean surly they could pursue him its his
  3. Hi back again .. First I must thank everyone who took the time to reply to my post about charging orders .. A very BIG thank you to 'SUNDERLAND ' the reply he posted gave me what could have been the best piece of advice i have ever had ... I feel I need to post a new thread as my situation has changed somewhat ... I will start at the beginning ... ( I will leave out the gory details ) In 2005 me and my then partner separated .... A few months later , I received a completed loan application form , the loan was for the sum of £10.000 , it was paid in full to my e
  4. trying to type on my phone ...please excuse the mistakes xx
  5. Ok ... Months of phone calls and reading , but i think maybe i am starting to get get some where .... maybe a recap is in order ... In 2005 I seperated from my husband , shortly after a received a letter through the door , it was a loan agreement in my name ( I had not taken out a loan ) ALARM BELLS I contacted the bank ( Black Horse finance) The loan was taken out in my name by my ex partner against my knowledge My ex partner was taken to court and was convicted of fraud ( he was ordered to pay the loan off in weekly instalments ) He did not make the p
  6. I have never altered the ccj as I Cannot seem to obtain a copy (I keep trying ) . I was not informed that my ex was to appear in court as he went awol for a few years and never made contact . I had no information from black horse either. They are very unhelpful and told me that the debt would be paid before any of us get any money from the sale. Is there another way to get a copy of the ccj other than from the bank .
  7. Hi ...my ex partner obtained a secured loan ( he did this while we together without my knowledge) . I only found out about it after we split as I started receiving default notices .... I asked for a copy of the loan application that is when I realised he had forged my signature to get it. The charging order was registered on two separate dates so I am assuming that it must have been altered when my ex was charged with fraud. My name was removed from the loan after my ex went to court . I have a mortgage and yes it is in both are names.
  8. Hi sorry I was a little unsure about the restriction . But yes it is registered as a restriction I have just got a copy of the land register and am still trying to get my head around it. Can I ask how the charging order can be removed and under what circumstances please . Again any info would be a help.
  9. I'm really at kind of a loss at where to turn to on this matter . And have sought as advice from various places and had some very confusing answers as to where I stand legally in regards to a charge from black horse finance against my home. About 9 years ago I split with my ex partner , after the break up I remained with my two children in our home . A few months after the break up I received a loan application copy as I read through the document I noticed that my signature had be forged to obtain a £12k loan and the loan was in mine and my ex partners name .
  10. After a split with my partner in 2005 i received a letter through the door which turned out to be a loan agreement , the loan appeared to be in my name and that of my ex partner . After looking into the agreement i tuned out my ex had managed to obtain a loan in both my name and his against our home . It tuned out that my ex had signed my name to a loan without my consent . It all went to court and my partner was convicted of fraud and my name was removed from the loan . I recently found out that a charging order was placed on my home as a result of this court cas
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