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  1. This is the reason for the post, having unsuccessfully gone through the financial ombudsman service the next stage is to take it to court, which could total extremely large fee's. In regards to the error: Barclays have yet to comment, I listed a post some time ago after doing some research and concluded that it may of been a result of suspected money laundering but this was never confirmed or denied. As it currently stands, Barclays have continued to maintain it was a technical error. Has anyone successfully took Barclays to court over their terms and conditions? Callum
  2. That is the only information the FOS has regarding the error, that it was an internal fault. These are the terms and conditions provided: If you have a loss you want to claim back from us If you have any loss or damage because of something we have done or not done, then you will generally be able to claim back the loss from us. However, there are exceptions. You cannot claim back if: • you are claiming for loss of business, loss of goodwill, loss of opportunity or loss of profit – we will not be liable for these in any circumstances • the law sets a different level of liability • you have acted fraudulently or with gross negligence • you are in breach of this agreement • we haven’t followed an instruction from you for a reason we give in this agreement • any of the details you gave us were wrong or insufficient (this would include where you gave us the wrong account number, for example) • our failure or delay in making a payment was due to abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances outside our control, which meant we couldn’t follow this agreement despite our best efforts to do so, for example, a hardware breakdown, strike, or major problem with a payment system • there was no way we could have reasonably predicted your loss when you gave us the instruction • you are asking us to refund the amount of a cheque which we paid even though you had post-dated it. None of these exceptions will apply, and nothing else in this agreement will stop us being liable, if: • we act fraudulently • we act with gross negligence, or • we are at fault and the law does not allow us to exclude or limit liability
  3. Morning Everyone, I was hoping to get some much needed advice from anyone who may be going through or has gone through and claim with Barclays bank. To give you an overview of the situation; about 9 months ago my business account was frozen by Barclays due to a technical error which concluded in my funds going from £20,000 to - £3,500,000 overdrawn. During that period I had no access to any funds and no money could go in or out. As a result two contract which were signed and dated during the error were unable to be fulfilled resulting in a loss of profits close to £62,000 both customers being unhappy with my service (understandably as it took 4 months to resolve the issue with Barclays) have decided not to use my services in the future. Everything was clearly documented and sent to the FOS who put in a claim to Barclays for the £62,000 but was rejected on the grounds Barclays have within their terms and conditions a clause which protects them from paying out for any loss of business as a result of any internal or 3rd party errors. Clearly I am distraught as not only have I lost out of both of the contracts but I was also forced to close down the business during the four months it took to resolve the original issue. If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi Mark Sorry to leave you so long with out an answer, I completely forgot about the post. Unfortunately as you may already be aware it is not good news; The case with Barclays is still unresolved. Hopefully I am the only one, but to anyone reading this who is going through the same my advice would be to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service as quickly as possible and stay on their case. Barclays have an almost impenetrable system to restrict any information being passed on, even if it's your own account. It's frustrating having to wait 8 weeks, but trying to get anything out of Barclays on your own is impossible.
  5. Evening Guys/Girls Thank you Kladestine for the informative information, what you have explained would make sence considering the personal account representative said she will come back to me no later than Wednesday, 7 days after the funds were transferred to Coventry, despite the account showing in the black 6 days before hand. All in all it seems I will have to wait till Wednesday for a conclusion and will update everyone then. Thank you once again for everyone's help.
  6. Thank you informative responces, Regarding the 3.5 million I'm almost confident it is a technical error, the banks supposidely with draw £200 whilst a review is being taken out and then credit the amount back, in some instacnes the whole money from the account is withdrawn and in very very rare cases the account looks to be excessively overdrawn. The main concern is how long the checks are taking, now 10 days after making a complaint I am yet to recieve so much as a letter or phone call from Barclays giving me an indication of whats happened.
  7. Thank you for the messages. After reading the other forums I did think it was most likely something to do with Anti Money Laudering it just concerned me as the accounts were showing as being so much in debit. It seems ludicrous that they are able to do this to my business account which people other than myself are dependant on. It is most definitely a case of guilty until proven innocent. The stress has caused anxiety attacks, loss of sleep and weight loss all of which Barclays are aware of but have yet to share any information. At this point it probably won't make eny difference but last Wednesday when the incident occured I was put through to a department which notified me that a random review was being taken out on my account with no particular agenda and that the account would be fully fuctioning on Monday. Due to this being one of the first time I had phoned Barclays I was not in the practice of writing down names and departments and coincidentally and discussion was never logged. Thank you
  8. My two personal accounts and savings account are £500,000 overdrawn. Not relating to any specific transaction. My business £1,500,000 overdrawn not relating to any transaction, the only transaction on each accounts is my business where £20,000 has been marked to reconcile to Coventry ops
  9. Sorry that was a typo, its 3.5 Million in the black. Prior to all of this happening my business account was 20,000 in the red. Thank you for the threads I will try find some guidance.
  10. If it is a case that this inveestigation is because of CIFAS then what happens to the orginal £20,000 in my account?
  11. Thank you for your help, i've just got back from the police station and they have reffered me to speak with action fraud who have advised me that CIFAS wouldn't have the power to freeze my funds but only but a marker on my account/ credit raiting. Of course they may wrong but they have never heard of a case where the account has gone from being over £20,000 in credit to £3,500,00 in debit because of CIFAS. The stupid thing is I can't even obtain a credit history search because they all require funding which thanks to my bank I have no access to.
  12. Out of interest how can you be so sure that it is because of CIFAS? I don't mean to sound condersending but I'm just completely stumped! I run a small company funded by the governement start up loan organistation NWES. It just very hard to take in that this may take years to resolve when we havn't done anything wrong. Thank you
  13. Are you saying Barclays are accusing me of fruad or that I am a victim of it? Surely if they was accusing me then I would have a chance to defend myself? Regarding the £3,500,000 I have no idea where that was come from each account was in significant credit and now all are showing to be in debit. Barclays are saying its because of a technical error.
  14. Hello All, As of last Wednesday my two barclays personal accounts, one savings account and business account are collectively showing to be £3,500,000 in debit and the funds 'To Reconcile' (their teminology) to Coventry OPS 05 ADV. A formal complaint was logged last Thursday and I am yet to recieve any formal reponse. Collectively I must of spent a total of 16 hours on the phone, being passed around to one department after another given a range of excuses from technical error, account review and fraud. I have done quite a bit of research and understand it may be linked with anti money laundering checks as I had a payment of £50,000 paid into my account roughly four weeks ago, since then I have had to make two large payments of £15,000 and £9,000 all of which are justified business expences which have invoices and receipts. The situation is now seriously effecting my livelyhood and the people who are dependant on me and my business. Barclays have left me with no access to any funds and are fully aware that I have no other banks accounts where I can access funds, effectively leaving me without food, and basic essentials for over a week. If anyone has been through this before and could some indication of the best steps moving forward it would be greatly apprecated. p.s. I know there are similar threads on here of Barclays withdrawing funds for investigation but from what I can tell none have had there account showing as being as overdrawn as mine. Thank you.
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