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  1. Oh I thought I had done the same thing again! I need to upload a pdf Honey Bee can you help me please thx
  2. Hi Honey Bee I am so sorry I have done it again, please can you remove for me I am sorry .....!!!!!!
  3. Thank you I tried to do that myself and the thread was so long ....Sorry.....!
  4. Dear Ericsbrother I have been provided with this from the tenancy handbook I was not based at Canford House although employed by the same organisation and would have been given a permit with my organisational logo on to park with by my organisation- I don't think this guidance helps my case does it just gives more clout to Devere?
  5. A big thank you to ericsbrother for all your help and guidance with the form. I have completed and its gone within the anticipated deadline. FOI request gone too. Wait and see what transpires next. I could not have done this without your input. x
  6. Thank you I am aware that I can ask for this body for a FOI I work for them and we receive loads!
  7. I now work some where else but same national organisation. I have asked both the landowner and the former employer for the contract and they know why- the organisation is a public body - what is a pharmacal order? I have written to DeVere and sent by proof of posting also. Just one thing more - getting mixed messages about the defence submission- MCO suggested I sent all my evidence at this point although nothing to definitively the process and how to. Explain the evidence bundle to the healthcare layman please. Thanks
  8. Freedom of Information Request I am seeking some information I hope that you can assist me with, it relates to contractual arrangements between the landlords xxxxx in relation to the operators known as xxxxxxxxx Please can I ask if xxxxxxxxxxxxx occupy specifically allocated parking spaces as part of its overall lease arrangements with the landlords, xxxxxxxxxxxx If so do xxxxxxxxxx occupy the parking spaces as part of the overall lease arrangements, B. are the xxxxx bound by contractual clauses in respect of xxxxxxxxxxxxin relation to the issue of parking charge notifications and making claims in their own right, as xxxxxxxxx? If the xxxxx are bound by these clauses with xxxxxxxxxxxxx, C. please provide a copy of the clause that specifies the agreements the xxxxx are party to as part of the contract with the landlords, xxxxxxxxxxxxx. If the xxxxxxxxxxxx occupy the parking spaces as part of the lease arrangements, D. do the xxxxxx manage the parking spaces independently of the landlords? And if they do, E. does the xxxxx have an independent contractual arrangement with xxxxxxxx to allow them to issue parking charge notifications and claims in their own right? If the xxxxxx has its own independent contractual arrangement in place with xxxxxxxxxxxx for them to issue parking charge notifications and claims in their own right, I would like to request copies of the following; the contract or extract that demonstrates arrangements between the xxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx; the information or guidance that demonstrates that staff are made aware of these arrangements with xxxxxxxxx; the wording or extract advising staff that there is a contractual arrangement that exists between the xxxxx as their employer and xxxxxxxxxx, and that they are liable to fines and claims by xxxxxxxxxxx; a copy of the clause in the staff contract of employment which disallows employees from parking other than in accordance to the terms set out by xxxxxxxxxxx. Thank you for kindly considering my request. Please would you kindly confirm that you have received my formal request which I have generated electronically. I look forward to hearing from you in due course.
  9. Thank you Please can you check over my bullet points please as posted the day before yesterday I will change some of my content and add your suggestions. Going back to take photos tomorrow and will post it will become obvious where these are to users- is this ok? I have checked with my organisation the NHS id a public body and covered by the Act. I was going to add about the mitigating circumstances but will leave them out How do I justify the movement of the permit form the Dash - do I have to ? Will copy and past the FOI request and post
  10. Thanks I worked out the abbreviations with help form google and looked on the website Your information is very helpful. This is a matter of principle. I have a permit that is date stamped and I had to collect it from my employers on the day- there is no way of getting one the reception staff covet them like gold!! The weather was dreadful that day I was wrestling with umbrella brief case and box I appealed out of reasonality in my naivity!! I work in the caring healthcare profession and have experienced nought like this ever in my life, the man has been rude, bullying intimidating at every contact I sent the permit and scanned a copy for myself I will add the extract with which you refer in respect of the permit. I asked for breakdown in my earlier communication with them citing GPEOL and they advised in their correspondence that quote2Our parking charges form part of a contract only> Any person parking a vehicle will if in breach of the T's and C's existing as advertised on the signs at the location will haven entered into a contract to accept and pay the PCN that has been issued. Consequently there is no loss to the landowner or the parking operator Our signs are quite clear in their contents" I am worried I have to get the defence in by 2nd June estimated date that they will look at my papers- I am concerned that I don't breach Civil Procedures and fast running out of time. I have contacted my former employer and have to write in formally under FOI done this - I would like to ask you do I cite the information I am waiting for and will I have another opportunity to submit additional information outstanding at this point when the case is allocated locally? How do think my defence points are - please would you be able to critique these for me I am really keen to move this on- another thought can I ask for extra time at this point?
  11. Still trying to establish if there is a contract in place between the claimant and the landlord and there is apparently They do not pay the claimant and therefore they can raise and pursue clains in their own rights Not so clear is the situation re the lease and allocation of parking spaces to my former employers but it would appear that they rent spaces as part of their lease agreement. I am seeking confirmation that they, my former employers rent the soaces under their lease and if theybdo do they have a contract in place with Devere allowing them to raise claims in their own right. I asked my former employers informally if there was a contract as such and they advised that they have to abide by the overarching contract with the landowners. I will need to ask for this information formally under FOI which will take sometime Can I check your reply here when you say about my employer- if they rent the spaces as part of their agreement within the lease and they have a contract with Devere then they my employers need to put the clause in my contract that disallows me from parking other than in accordance to the terms set out by DeVere ? Is my understanding right her And can you explain what you mean about the contract with Devere when you say –it cannot be formed as your employment contract is superior? Which contract do you mean? Certainly there is no clause in my employment contract. You say if it does’ nt have that clause in my contract you are the "occupier" and thus your rights cannot be given away by another party. Does this apply if my employers do not have a contract in place with Devere for the spaces they rent or if they do have a contract in place? I am sorry I am not understanding this reply. Please explain Thank you
  12. There is a box to the right of the page in a box Amount Claimed 300.00 Court Fee 25.00 Solicitor's costs 0.0 Total Amount 325.00
  13. Yes Particulars of Claim This concerns the issue of a Parking Charge Notification notice in the private car park known as xxxxxxxxxx to a car registered xxxxxxxx on xxxxx xxxx for a breach of the T's and C's of parking in that the car was not displaying a permit as required. Signs at the location state the T's and C's of parking and that failure to adhere result in the said PCN. The defendant was the driver of the vehicle and has admitted as such . The driver will have entered into a contract for this breach to accept and pay the PCN. Unusually in this claim the defendant appealed to POPLA the independent appeals tribunal in London. Her appeal was dismissed by the appeals assessor on xxxxx xxxxxx and upheld the PCN was issued correctly and that the defendant had not abided by the terms and conditions of parking. She was asked to pay within 14 days and has not made any such payment and the claimant is now obliged to issue this claim to recover the monies outstanding.
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