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  1. So without having to push or argue my case they have willingly accepted £5/month repayment, however they still keep ignoring my request to acknowledge the notice I sent about further communication via email or post only. They seem intent on ignoring that part of my emails. Am I naive in thinking that now am arrangement is in place phone calls will stop.?
  2. Haha! So frustrating. At least I now have a definite email address that is clearly working so I will continue with that address until I get confirmation of an agreed payment plan
  3. I definitely will. They seem to have ignored my request and have instead offered me a 30% discount. I have replied asking them to confirm receipt of my notice but with bo response
  4. Thank you, all done. Whether they will adhere to this is another matter, fingers crossed. Sent to all emails listed on this thread earlier
  5. Also, in the letter template it states "you will be deemed to have been served notice of my request and I will deem it served by (FULL DATE)...." This may be a silly question but what date do I input?? Today's or 28 days from now??
  6. All my admin team told me was that it was regarding finance. I am going to fire off emails now will also send recorded letter. I know this is their tactic to get you to pay and its going to work if they phone work! !
  7. Hi, I work at a school so currently on holidays, however had admin call me today to say there was an answer phone message left for me on the school phone over night addressed to me asking to call back regarding finance within 5 days!! Reference number was that of a debt I hold with MMF... I really am embarrassed and wonder how do I stop them calling my work?? Will an email suffice or do I need a written letter?? I have many debts and worried they will now all call my work!! Can I fire off the same email to everyone about no phone calls??
  8. Hi timeforchange how you getting on? Are you paying nothing towards your debts at the moment until they are defualted?? This is what I am hopig to do! Feels wrong to not pay anything, but like you I want the defaults to know I only have 6 years before I can rebuild!!!
  9. Welshiegirl... What did u decide to do?? I am exactly Same situation!!!
  10. Hmmm I may just default on all accounts then before beginning repayment again. Seems such an odd way to do it
  11. Or if not successful with CCA'S request creditors to change markers to default?
  12. Is this thread still active?? Advice needed.... Currently on DMP with numerous creditors... 3 have defaulted me but I continue to pay... Fine they will be gone in six years... However all my others have AP or DM markers.... My DMP is due to last 4 years so technically I'm screwed for another 10 years?!? So shall I just stop paying all my creditors until they default me?? And then recommence payments??? Saving me a good few years of a bad CRA?? I apologise I have learnt about this from your misfortune... But now thinking last year do my DMP has been a waste!!
  13. Sorry another question.... If I stop making payments and account is registered as default on my CRA but I then set up a payment arrangement will the account drop from my CRA 6 years from date of default or 6 years from date account is finally paid up?
  14. Right ok will stop payments and CCA them all then go from there! Need to be organised with all this paperwork coming my way!!
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