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  1. Originally Posted by unclebulgaria67 If you know this person is on benefits, I wonder whether as the claimant, you can ask the court to make an attachment to earnings order and the court then writes to DWP to arrange. DWP then check benefits and if they find a record, they deduct a percentage, which is paid via the court to yourself. Hi, Thanks UncleBul and Andy, I will research the possibility of deduction from benefits just in case. Regards
  2. Hi, Thank you for your advice. I have been preparing for sending bailiffs, but thought he might have relocated. In this case, as you say, it is waste of money to send bailiffs. Therefore, I am making inquiry here to check the address. The`maintenance money` is money he needs for food, drinks, socializing etc.. It is cash and he is not allowed to set up a bank account. Appreciate your comment anyway. Regards
  3. Hi Brigadier, It is apprx £200. Not much but I need it as I am currently unable to work due to spine problem. Regards
  4. Hi, Andy, Thanks for your reply. That is unfortunate in some sense. Regards Dave
  5. HI, I received `judgement by default` from a county court for money Mr AW owes me. The amount is less than £500 and judgement was issued 2 month ago. Now, I am proceeding to obtain information regarding the financial situation of this debtor by N316. The question is what I can do further after N316. I am quite sure that N316 will not provide much information. The debtor is an English man in his mid-40s who was born and lives in London, never worked, has been depending on benefits all through his life, have 3 kids living in Birmingham, has been declared bankrupt (intentional bankruptcy to earn money from a bank), gaining daily maintenance money by conning people such as disabled people and women, no bank accounts, no property or assets apart from some assets hidden (from authority)in West-india. The debtor most likely changed his address since he received the initial court order. Is there any way to obtain his latest address from Department of Work and Pensions or Housing benefit office? EX321 suggests that : • a warrant of execution; • an attachment of earnings order; • a third party debt order; or • a charging order. Due to above reason, only `a warrant of execution` would be an available option. It only works if the person actually lives in the address. Due to safety, I try to avoid direct contact with the debtor unless being supervised. I will use county court enforcement agent and possible other means to avoid direct contact: all contacts have so far been made through telephone and emails. It would be much appreciated if anyone could advise me. Regards
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