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  1. But I already admitted to putting the £4 in my pocket.
  2. Okay so I have some developments in this. Regarding the old job, things aren't looking good. The police went to the shop on Thursday, and they have just visited my house to ask me to attend a voluntary interview at my local police station (tomorrow 2 pm). I'm a little worried about this. The police lady said I could receive a police caution, would there be any chance of appealing this on the grounds people have suggested, post traumatic stress and such. I also received a letter through the post from the HR department asking me to attend my disciplinary at work with my area manager on Monday. I had an interview for the new job today and they loved me, I'm due to start on Tuesday. So what should I do now? I was thinking about calling the area manager up tomorrow morning and resigning, because I really don't want to go to that disciplinary hearing as well, dealing with the police is bad enough.
  3. It's really relieving to see all this support. I know that I did wrong. It's just that the guy from the loss prevention department (it's an inside part of the company, not an outside contractor), said "my policy is to phone the police no matter how big or small the amount is", I asked him if I was going to lose my job and he said that decision wasn't down to him, it was down to the area manager who would contact me by post with an appointment for a disciplinary hearing. I've been looking for a new job since the robbery (before all this came about today), and my friend's sister has said there's a place where she works that's looking for someone. What would you recommend in regards to this? If I'm offered the job I was considering calling the area manager and resigning, but I'm not sure if that would be the best thing to do or not. I've already pleaded guilty so I don't see what harm it could do either, except save my current company some money from paying me while I'm suspended.
  4. Thanks for all the help, everyone. Rebel, no I don't have any dependents. I've pretty much accepted that I have lost my job, all that's worrying me is the police involvement. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what they say when I'm called in for the disciplinary meeting. Thanks again, I appreciate the advice.
  5. rebel11, this is actually my 4th armed robbery at the store it's in a "high-risk" urban area.
  6. Well I walked into work today and had the investigation thing. The loss prevention manager said his policy is to call the police no matter how much money it is, even if it is a few quid. I took the money because I relapsed from quitting smoking and wanted to get some cigarettes on the way home (it was a stressful night). He called the police at my investigation and said they would be in contact through the post. I've already admitted that I did it to the loss prevention manager, and I'm awaiting the disciplinary meeting with my area manager. There's basically no good reason why I did this, just the reason I mentioned above. I understand that I'm going to lose my job, but how likely is it that I get a criminal record for this? I was planning and saving to go to school in America next year, but with a criminal record I won't even be allowed in the country.
  7. Hi, On Saturday night we had an armed robbery at the store I work at. After the robbers had left I called the police. I went back into the office and there was change all over the floor, the loss prevention officer at my company has seen me picking up £3-4 in change and putting it in my pocket. I admitted to this. I have been suspended with full pay until my disciplinary hearing. He said he had called the police and arranged for a meeting on Thursday with them. What is likely to happen now? Should I resign? Am I going to get a criminal record? I've never done anything like this before and my criminal record is currently clean. I think I'm the only person who could have two guns pulled on me and lose my job in the same bloody night.
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