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  1. Yes - sorry, I obviously put it in the wrong place. I should have put it as an information thread or something...still figuring out the site and what goes where
  2. I'm unsure what part of the banking code I can use or do I just state that "according to the banking code" etc etc? Thanks
  3. Does anyone know if I can use anything from the Banking Code to highlight the fact that 1) I have not been fraudulent and I have proof of where I was 2) they didn't cancel a previous credit card when they issued another 3) they didn't act on unusual or suspicious activity on a credit card that had been superseded by another with a new name 4) the card hadn't been used for 18 months, yet at no point did anyone call to ask if I still required the credit card, especially as I had another credit card with them. I feel they have failed in their due diligence and duty of care. The previous banking code (2008) stated that if they can't prove I have been fraudulent and that I had followed the guidance for keeping my card and pin safe - the most I would have to pay would be £50. Any ideas or advice...I am writing my letter of complaint to them. Thank you!
  4. Which means they can't enforce anything - no matter how much they threaten!
  5. I've had a similar thing occur with my daughter. Although in my case, I agreed the contract online and paid line rental for the first year upfront. BT said I had to do it this way and then once the services were up and running I could go online and change the name and bank details to my daughter. I did this, and after six months my daughter moved to another address so we transferred the service and no further payment was requested. She stayed at her next place for six months and then we informed BT that she was leaving and the service no longer required. As far as we knew there were no outstanding charges. ..then I receive a phone call from CD UK (Collect Direct) asking for payment close to £300 - for what exactly I have no idea. .upon checking Collect Direct on the FCA website, their license to practice Debt Collecting is INACTIVE and has been since Dec 2014. Therefore I will be ignoring all said texts, emails and calls as they aren't even allowed to be doing this.
  6. I've just checked CD UK on the FCA website, They can be found under the name of Collect Direct. They do not have an active licence to practice debt recovery. They are INACTIVE and have been since Dec 2014 so if, like me, you receive emails, text, calls from them at least you know they cannot enforce anything as they are not even currently licensed.
  7. I told them I was in France as well as working on the other dates and as far as they are concerned because it was chip and pin I'm responsible. Should I send them a copy of my boarding pass as well as confirmation from work in a letter of complaint requesting the refund? I just can't believe that, as consumers, we don't appear to have any rights with this. Who said that just because they say so, that's how it's going to be?
  8. Completely overwhelmed!!!! Can anyone help? Whilst away in France I noticed my Santander credit card had been used to the tune of £4,000. I immediately called the bank to inform them and that the card in question was with me and hadn't even been activated. Cut a long story short.. .it turns out the fraud was carried out on a previous card that had been sent to me in Nov 2013 which had never been used and I don't even recall receiving. When I had a change of name, a new card was sent to me (July 2014) which has also never been used or activated. These transactions were all chip and pin from the 27th Apr 2015 to 6th May 2015 and the places they were used were mainly in shopping centres - Westfield etc. I asked why the previous card had not been cancelled when they sent me a new one - apparently that isn't their rules, although, they are now thinking about doing that! I also asked why they hadn't called or text me to check I was using the card, particularly as it hadn't been used for 18 months and the last transaction was carried out on the first issue card that expired in Nov 2013, hence why they sent another card in Nov 2013, and there had remained a nil balance since Aug 2013. I also asked why they didn't think it was unusual activity? They said because they don't check chip and pin purchases unless someone is trying to spend over the limit of the card or have been getting the pin wrong. SO in essence they are telling me that TOUGH I have to pay the £4,000 bill even though they aren't my transactions. They said that if it was a fraudster they would have tried to get as much money out of the credit card as quickly as possible by purchasing items online and therefore it's my fault that someone knew my pin and is probably someone I know so the police have to deal with it. I have reported it to Fraud Action and given the Crime Ref to Santander. Is there anything I can do about this? I feel they have lacked in their diligence and security. ..for the sake of a text or phone call to check who is using the card and now a massive bill that will take me ages to pay off and affect my credit rating. Thank you for reading! Very stressed and upset!
  9. No don't recall one being signed, think it was just a payment plan of £39 per month for two years. I spoke to Paladin Commercial Credit Management yesterday and they confirmed via email that that section was now closed and has been since Nov 2013 and therefore were no longer responsible for dealing with the account. They also said another collection agency would be in touch, which they have been. £10 per week has continued to be paid to Paladin, although the DD has now been cancelled. I have also noticed from Paladins letters when they have charged me for a late payment that it says "as per your Credit Agreement you have incurred a charge of £25 on your account" however, I never had a CA with Paladin or the photography place. The other DC called today and offered a settlement figure £250. What should I do about this? Should I write and request a copy of the agreement? Am I able to claim the charges back from Paladin at all. I emailed them frequently asking for my balance, but never got a response. I appreciate your advice and response
  10. After reading the threads I'm hoping someone can help! Money was owed to a company called Pierre Lemond after having a photo portfolio done. Repayment was not maintained due to ill health. The debt was passed to a company called Paladin and regular payments were being made to them. We have now received a letter from Global Debt Recovery stating that their client has instructed that provided we remit 525 pounds by the 31/05/14, they will accept this payment as a Full and final settlement of the above claim. The issue is that:- 1. The balance they have stated is incorrect and out by approx. £400 2. The original creditor was Pierre Lemond but they have stated Studio London which is just the studio, on the letter 3. Payments have been regularly made to Paladin We called them and explained payments are being made and the amount was incorrect. To which they said that's the information they have and which they are going by. Should I send them the letter requesting the original CCA? Many thanks
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