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  1. I still have had no contact from lee. I've had little to no signal and have rang up several times and I keep being told to use GSM which I am. I missed 2 phone calls regarding my adoption application, just off the phone in tears feel like I'm going in circles. ..would love to cancel my contract but would cost a fortune
  2. Had zero signal yesterday rang 191 last night they said it would be fixed by 2pm this afternoon had no signal all day until I went into belfast city centre got home rang 191 and the advisor talked at me for 20 minutes saying there was another fault that will be fixed by 6pm tonight but I wont see if its worked for 3 working days...this has been going on since february 10th...at my wits end
  3. I marked the email "for the attention of Lee" and the reply I got back was the same email as before with the girl who wrote the emails name in red....seems like I'm still stuck
  4. I haven't been contacted by Lee or anyone yet....please help
  5. Hi Seanna, I'm sorry to see the problems you're having with the network in your area. Please take a look at our network troubleshooting guide and follow the steps. If you're still having problems after trying this, we can look into everything further.*In order for us*to do this,* please resubmit the contact us form and include all requested information. Many thanks Jenny Social Media Comms Vodafone Limited Vodafone HQ, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 2FN Registered in England No 1471587 This is the email I got today....I've already checked network etc and submitted this form a lot see...told you I was being led round in circles
  6. Got the email sent thankyou so much thecreference number is #6828300
  7. It wont let me submit an email ive typed everything in 4 times the site says they are unable to take emails Is there any way the vodafone rep can get in touch
  8. Hi everyone I have had a Vodafone contract for 17 months now and for the past 2 and a half months I have had little to no signal. Ive been ringing every couple of days but unfortunately its getting to a point where I feel im being fobbed off. I just recently began adoption proceedings and I have missed calls from social workers. Im paying 29 a month for a useless machine. I would owe hundreds if I cancelled my contract and went to 02 and I just need advice
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