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  1. I did. They said they cannot accept that.
  2. So someone got back to me today from head office. They said they cannot accept that it was damaged in the bag. Because the foam protection the bag offers is not ment to protect it from anything more than scratches. They said they will see if they can fix it as a gesture of goodwill. But there are no promises. Where should I go if they refuse that?
  3. That is what I have told them, because that is what I believe to be the issue, but yes equally, it could be caused by poor laptop construction, this is something I shall consider mentioning when I receive an update from Argos.
  4. Yea the bag was given away by Argos and not Acer, as part of their WOW accessory bundle.
  5. The screen in most, if not all laptops is screwed into a metal frame this metal frame is directly connected to the hinge. The back casing (behind the screen) then screws onto this metal frame and then the front casing in front of the screen just clips into place. This design puts no strain onto the plastic casing, as the full weight of the screen is supported by the metal frame. I cannot say this is the same for newer laptops as I am yet to repair a screen on one of those. As for the laptop bag, it is correct for the size of the laptop, and it does offer straps inside which were used. The
  6. The crack is in the bottom half of the casing (the bit with the keyboard in), not the one with the screen in. But the screen is cracked and the crack starts in the same area where the crack is in the bottom half of the casing. What is more alarming, the manager quickly gave me something to sign without going through any of it, took it off me and gave me a copy in a very hurriedly manor, probably because the store was close to close. When I looked at it the day after it was an 'Argos after sales repair note' It says on here that the media and data has been removed and backed up prior
  7. Thank you for the quick reply. I understand it would be difficult for you to determine if the laptop was looked after or not. I did say this to the lady at the counter in Argos. My argument was that if it had not been looked after it would not be in the immaculate condition it is in now, apart from the cracked screen and slight damage to the casing. But, I would expect a laptop bag that came with the laptop and being sold as offering 'foam protection' to protect it against day to day usage, this it has not done. I repair laptops for a living, it costs me £20 for a screen, and nothing for
  8. I brought an Acer laptop at the end of March from Argos. This came with a free pack that included a laptop bag, speakers, mouse and some software. The laptop has been sat on a desk for most of it's short life, the start of this weekend I decided to take it out, so I placed it into the free laptop bag that came with the laptop and took it around to a friends. While in the bag the laptop was subject to no forces what so ever. It was placed down on the floor gently, great care was taken just as I always do with my electronic goods. Upon opening the laptop bag, I found
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