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  1. Sorry busy and that. Too much. I got a new printer scanner and I'm having difficulty getting it to scan. So here's a redacted photo version. In between days they sent me another letter bargaining for half the original demand. I laughed and then went and made a cup of tea. cap res letters.pdf
  2. I'll get that posted up soon. The funny thing is I was in there the other day with a printer I just bought from PC World and it set the alarm off on the way out, I showed security the receipt and everything was fine. But then this? Anyway, as you quite rightly state of the legalities... face, bovvered and that.
  3. I just recieved a letter from Capital Resolve today as well, passed on by Tesco. I think the advice for dealing with these people on the phone is don't, just hang up if they phone you.
  4. Thought this had gone away forever. Last letter I received was about a year ago? Anyway just recieved a payment demand letter from Capital Resolve. Has anyone else had this? I noticed a different security company is now operating in Tesco as well, can't remember what they are called though. I did a search for Capital Resolve on here and I can see they are DCA who specialise in pay day loans and take on debts that they know pretty much they don't have a leg to stand on with so I'm guessing they're trying it on. I shall ignore.
  5. I was just thinking, wondering if this company even exists? Remember the student loans company got into bother for sending out fake debt collectors letters recently.
  6. Can I say those exacts words to the two gorillas who turn up at my door and then shut the door in their faces? I was just thinking about pretending I don't live here. They are still spelling my name wrong as well.
  7. That's cool. I'll just ignore them then. Got far better things to do with my time than chase off a shower of leeches. I owe them precisely this=. Case closed.
  8. You mean no liability or debt is acknowledged BY me TO them or their clients? So just ignore it then and don't answer the door to any big men. Fine with me.
  9. It's been pased down to a debt collector who just sent me a letter. (BPO) They stated that 'the outstanding liability..... we understand is not disputed'. Of course they understand wrong, and the probably know this. Do I have to print off another letter and send it? Or just ignore them? I'm curently in favour of the latter.
  10. I just reread it last night and didn't recognise it as something I just wrote, I thought someone had hacked into my account or there was an error or something as it was edited so much it looked liked poetry or song lyrics or something! Maybe I could have paragraphed it a bit more, but the way it was restructured was waay over top. I'll be more careful to structure my posts better, but I'd rather people didn't edit them for me if it's all the same:-)
  11. Sorry, why was the text in my previous post edited so as to include lots of line, whereas before it was in the paragraph form that I wanted it to be?
  12. I'll just ignoe her then. She spelled my name wrong. I shouldn't have opened it really. I guess I broke the law technically by opening it. I hear you anyway.
  13. I want to either ignore this letter because they speeled my name wrong, or write to them denying liability and asking them to explain what legal grounds they had to hold be against my will and deny me water when I asked them several times. My own fault I was thirsty, but nonetheless I needed water and they denied it to me. I'm not in the slightest bit phased by their threats, I know where I stand. Maybe they can still call the police and report me, they have indicated to me in the letter than they already have. I'd like to invite them to report me to the police in view of the fact tha
  14. Seems fairly straightforward to me. I don't owe them diddley squat. End of matter.
  15. Right. Look forward to putting them on the pile of begging letters I keep getting from the TV licensing company et al. I like the abruptness of that. No sweat. Will come back and let you all know about it all blowing over and me not worrying about it anymore because I've not heard from them in 2 months later in the year. Hey. I just noticed they spelled my name wrong. I guess I can probably just ignore it completely then seeing as it's not technically addressed to me, right? Nope, no-one with that name lives at this address, sorry. Must have been some other guy. I got a FAQ from them
  16. So the dreaded letter arrived today and they want to fleece me for the grand sum of £110! A proportionate levvy for illegally detaining me and refusing to give me water when I asked several times they say. 'Provided our client does not seek to recover in excess of its losses, such losses are recoverable by law' Oh are they now. And who is this money going to RLP or the supermarket? I wrote to the manager and apologised for my actions and was given permision to go back in, and when I spoke to her on the phone she said the matter was out of their hands now. So, in my first and fi
  17. Scotland. I used the self checkouts as well. not sure what they can really do to stop me buying stuff from there, although the girl at the checkout did help me with some things. If they were watching me on cctv though they must have had an incline that I was inebriated because of the way I was acting. It seemed like they were waiting to apprehend me as soon as I left the store.
  18. Well, I've been reading a lot of cases on the internet and I haven't read one yet where they were succesfully able to extort money out of someone without using scare tactics. I wont fall for it. Thanks for all the advice guys, you are awesome. I mean, apart from the ones who genuinely made a mistake or the cashier etc we don't deserve it. It's our own fault, but certainly this is not the way to deal with petty crime. I'm quite shocked at some of the accounts of this that I've read really and I don't imagine it will be too long before this company are dealt with
  19. Doing my best there, the stopping worrying. You guys have been a great help there, reading some of the threads. Just worried that the manager will pass the letter onto RLP and the whole thing was a trick. I expect as matters transpire the whole thing will just become a series of formalities and will eventually end up forgotten at the bottom of a pile of thousands of other claims that have been ignored by people who have a bit of legal knowledge and are not prepared to be intimiated by a bunch of tin pot policemen and their so called lawyers/gangsters.
  20. I've already been seeking help from my doctor for alcoholism and depression. Suppose it might not do any harm to go to an AA meeting now though. I'll wait until the letter arrives and post details here before I do anything, cheers.
  21. So it's more difficult for the ones using RLP to initiate small claims? I'm just worried that I may have made things worst by trying to do the decent thing and make amends by writing to the manager to apologise and ask if I can still shop there. Like I say I didn't specificy what actions I was apologising for, I could have meant the way I spoke to security. I think they have me on cctv though anyway, so as far as incriminating evidence is concerned it probably doesn't make a lot of difference. Or does it? What about refusing to give me water and illegally detaining me? Is that
  22. Hi to all the staff at RLP who have read this so far. Looking forward to ignoring all your letters. I'll probably open the first and just file the rest of them away in a drawer. p.s. I charge £10 per cubic millimetre of space used up by any junk mail I have to retain.
  23. Hi, I'm rather embarassed to have to enquire about my rights in this instance, but such was the stupidity of my actions the other night that I have no choice. I have been reading some of the threads about people's experience with RLP and I am somewhat releived to find that the advice given is suggesting that they don't really have a leg to stand on, which is kind of what my gut feeling was telling me anyway. However I did the crime and now I must face the consquences of my actions. I had not reckoned that that would involve anything like this though, and I am really quite stress
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