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  1. Hi I wonder if someone could advise me. I have been the victim of domestic violence and ended up in a financial nightmare. I could no longer afford the HP payments on my vehicle to advantage. I have not paid a third. I paid 6 payments of £340 for an £8k vehicle which quite frankly has been off the road due to faults more than it has been on, I received an email from Advantage saying that they had decided to repossess my vehicle and that someone from NW collections would be visiting me to remove my vehicle. I am presently living in a refuge and have not updated advantage of my address. on Friday evening I was pulled over by the police as the car had been reported lost/stolen on march 31st. The police officer listened to all I had to say commenting that finance company`s are doing this but as it was reported lost/stolen he would be taking it. I was taken to a nearby train station and I have yet to hear back from either advantage or nw collections both of which I have updated on email (bank holiday office closed) Please help as I am now so scared that I will be arrested
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