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  1. Hello there, I was a mature student a while back I was able to get a some of my rent paid with housing benefit. I was also able to get some of the Council tax paid/reduced as well. Most universities used to have something called the Access Fund (well that was what it was called where I went) this is a lump sum of money that the university shared with students facing hardship and it is always wise to see if the uni you would be attending do have it. I applied for it once and was able to get a payment of £900. It was based on circumstances and the amount you got depended on just ho
  2. Hello there and thank you both for replying. estellyn: You mentioned a few things in your reply that I would like some further information about if you could help me with them. [1] I do not know what sort of figure they have with regards to what they think I have claimed so am in the dark there, what I would like to know is do they base their figures on the weekly amount I am getting and would that be adjusted downwards to take into account the £20 I could have earned without suffering any loss of the JSA payment. [2] lets say that the money I have been getting from the hobby busi
  3. I'm a PWPS and so far the amount of help I have had from my advisor (to be couch soon) has been virtually zero. I basically go in, get called, am handed the signing paper and they say thats it till next time. Even now I always have to wait beyond my actual signing time so what it's going to be like if the sign each day" thing comes in I do not want to know. Mine thing she seems to push every time is I should apply for PIP (Care component as wife is disabled). We did that last December and it took the department that deals with it 18 days to send use the forms. This left us with just 13 days
  4. I was on the WP last year (finished around early October) and I got sent back to the JC. What I was not told is that I was off WP and could now get access to the start up schemes that you did not have access to whilst on WP. I was then sent to a mandatory scheme whereby I learnt how to make a CV, Update it, Interview techniques etc etc etc. The scheme ran for 3 weeks and I had to attend every day for 5 hours a day. I had some hopes for this but.... On the first day it started it soon became clear that the vast majority of people there were only there because it was mandatory and the atmos
  5. Please do not judge me but I have cheated the benefit system. On Monday of this week (28/04/2014) I received a letter which has requested that I attend an interview at my local Job Center concerning "an investigation into alleged criminal offences in relation to a claim to benefits" The letter does not give any further information other that I might want to have some legal representative there with me and that I should notify them that I will be attending. This I have done and have arranged for a legal representative as well to be there. A little background concerning what le
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