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  1. I don't know how long you have got left to serve on the WP but if it's not a lot left (month or two) remember that once you come off WP and go onto the next stage then some Allowances that were not available under WP become available to you. I would certainly have a word with your advisor to clarify if anything that would help you into self employment becomes available when WP ends. I knew there was something that gave £66 a week for 13 weeks and £33 for another 13 weeks after but was told that I was not eligible for it when I was shoved onto the WP. It took my advisor 3 months to te
  2. Nystagmite, I agree with you that it depends on what your disabilities are, however if a person can stand all day and move heavy stock around the warehouse then based on the criteria for motobility awards this would leave people to question why they require that award. If I was a investigator for PIP/DLA and heard of someone doing this type of work with a motobility award I would certainly be looking into whether they needed it or not. All I was really suggesting to the OP is that there is a possibility that his award could help him limit/remove certain types of work from his job
  3. My question "Isn't carer's allowance directly related to having the care component of pip or dla?" was based on this statement the OP made Will I receive a separate letter about the carers allowance? If I don't have a carer, will that money go to me like it did with the DLA's?" And this is what got me confused. I read it as he had a carer and that carer was getting Carer's Allowance and that if he did not have a carer then the Carer's Allowance would be paid to him. So based on the answer I received from my initial post just to clarify If you do not receive either
  4. The biggest problem with these investigations is that they will not tell you what it's about in advance, This is so you cannot get any supportive evidence in advance, SO Suggestions, 1] get legal representative. this is to ensure that they cannot twist things and they are then normally a little more cautious about how they deal with you. 2] tell them you will be taking a legal rep with you before you get to the interview. Legal rep will then normally chat with them for about 10mins to find out what's it all about. 3] the rep will then have some time to speak to you and you will the
  5. Isn't carer's allowance directly related to having the care component of pip or dla?
  6. So if you go in to "electronically" sign on do you still have to see an advisor to have your jobsearch checked? If thats the case then this is a very expensive way to save the advisor about 1 minute (time taken to be given and sign the booklet) or, heaven's forbid are these machines going to actually replace all those truly loveable and adorable advisor's......................
  7. neword


    Jasta11, Surely any interview between a prospective employer and yourself would be classed as private and confidential and if the information you had given to the employer was given to the advisor's and that information used against you surely you could have a go at them with a very serious complaint concerning breach of confidentiality.
  8. Not to sure here but given that it's the motobility part it is money to help you get around and that includes going to and from work. It will help you to reduce the types of jobs they can send (offer) you as you now have proof that you have a disability (movement). Jobs such as Warehouse work where you are expected to stand all day and move stock around should be exempt from your jobsearches but other jobs where you could sit all day such as desk work would probably be what they would expect you to be capable of. Someone with more knowledge will come along shortly and will be abl
  9. It might also mean that websites such as this one has educated enough signers to the point they are challenging the advisor's and the advisor's have now come to realise that the people signing now know its not a "mandatory" thing to do so have got fed up with being proved wrong...... Also having had the "Fake Jobs" thrown at them so many times from so many people that they have also come to realise just what a waste of time UJM is. We live in hope...... There must be some somewhere in the world.....
  10. Well I hope you are lucky in your search over the next week or so. If not and you have to resign there is a high probability that you will go back in at exactly the same point as when you left. They also may insist on the daily signing a little bit more than when you left. Btw first thing I did when I left JSA was to delete my UJM account. If you do this then have to sign on again you will have to set up a new UJM account and can leave the access box unticked. You still have to prove you are using the "resource" but they will not be able to see any information you are putting o
  11. So, if I understand this correctly (and I may well be wrong here) Let's assume a figure of £100.00 pw for rent. If the max allowance for Hb is 65% then that would leave £35.00 to pay but with the additional 25% (under occupancy) thats another £25.00 on top So the figure I would pay would be £60.00 on a rent of £100.00 As CA is around the £60.00 figure it would mean that the whole of the CA would be taken but I would still be £25.00pw better off as I would now no longer be paying the £25.00 under occupancy amount as that is covered by what would have been left out of the C
  12. So, what happens to someone who is currently paying 25% towards their rent due to under occupancy of the property (and btw we have tried to downsize and it just not possible where we live as there are very few adapted properties smaller than ours)
  13. Oh I agree entirely with you sirbob. So in best case Home Owner with no means tested benefits and a after costs income of £102.00 pw or less. and in worse case Any person with a means tested benefit that is equal to or greater than what the CA would be. It would really be worthwhile for me if I put in a right to buy on my housing association property which we are currently under-occupiers in and have 25% cut from our HB/CT award. Given I would save the £140.00 pm I am currently paying towards rent and with the CA award I would have £380.00 pm towards the mortgage.....
  14. Got to laugh at this... If they work as fast as our MP then you probably got at least 15 working days to wait for a answer. I would not say our MP's slow but I am sure he has moss growing on one side of him.
  15. So what is the point of applying for something if the end result is that you are no better off because the money you would be awarded would simply be swallowed up by a means tested benefit such as HB. Just does not seem to be any point in it. I mean why waste the time filling in forms and waiting for the result for nothing in the long run. So, for a lot of people this really is a pointless benefit It really is only for those that do not have any means tested benefits then. But if a person does not have any means tested benefits does that mean they have an income which would be to hi
  16. Hi All, As my wife now receives PIP standard rate for both care and mobility I have been told that providing my earnings from self employment after costs do not exceed £102.00 I would be entitled to the Carer's Allowance benefit. However, during research I came across some information concerning HB which stated that the carer's allowance would be reduced on a £1 for £1 ration. Effectively My CA would be worthless as the HB would take all the CA if I applied for it. Is this true because if it is what would be the point of applying for it just to lose it to the HB. It would mean
  17. Normally callbacks have a time span of 5 working days. If you phone and query it and then request a callback again you have to wait upto 5 working days again. So just remember not to request another callback or the wait time for the callback goes back to 5 working days. I got caught by this the will call back but did not get it so rang them and requested another. Could have been requesting for a lifetime and never got the callback. Also I have had callbacks that took longer than 5 days.
  18. There could be a little problem with HB and CTB as they are based on earnings/benefits. If you had been receiving either/both of the above during the time that this one off payment was for they may ask you to repay some of the benefit you received during that time. I must stress that this would only happen if you had been receiving the above benefits during that time. If you were not then there should be no overpayment for that period. They may however class it as "other money coming in" so it could affect your HB/CTB when you receive it. Best advice inform all relevant be
  19. The problem is that you are saying you are doing these actions but you are not able to give them any proof because you are not writing down which shops you have been looking in the windows at or you are not giving the names of the people that you are asking. and this is where the problem lies. You have a active Job search agreement in which it probably has been agreed by you that you will do these actions, by not showing any evidence the advisor's (whatever they are called now) will probably end up raising a "Doubt" which as we all know will lead to your claim probably being sanc
  20. If you sign back on you will automatically be in a crappy scheme as the whole JSA business is crappy and not just the other schemes you are sent to. I know from experience that the more you are put under pressure by the JSA to get a job and have to tick all the right boxes for them the more that a person will resent them and try to find ways of still getting the payments whilst doing the least they can to keep advisor's....whatever happy. So if you have to signon again and it's less than 6 months since you signed off there is a chance they will put you straight back in at the point
  21. Any help appreciated. Short story Wife was on DLA High Mob (had been for a long time) Pressure was being put on me by advisor at JSA to apply and try to get PIP care. We resisted initially but the advisor got a little umpty with me and after about 4 months we decided to try for the PIP. So, 18th Dec 2013 we ring PIP and ask for the appropriate papers we would need to make the claim (wife's DLA still active at this point). We were not made aware at the time that by just asking for the papers we were actually starting the PIP process. December 31st PIP papers arrive but due to it be
  22. Funny how that research is based on a Mori from over two years ago. Since that time there have been many changes to the benefit system through the kind efforts of IDS (cough splutter) I would seriously question that particular piece of writing as it is from academics and they usually (always) are writing research like this which sort of sides on the good side (government wise) as they need their grants. I was at uni once and there was a (politics) researcher there that spent all his time producing these type of reports, studies, papers and was always getting grants for it. He n
  23. Ok as I read it [1] you were informed of an over payment. [2] you have appealed against the over payment as you think it's incorrect. [3] it's now going to tribunal where they will look at any evidence you submit to see if the amount of OP is correct or not. [4] based on the outcome of the tribunal they will either adjust the OP if they feel your evidence should be taken into account, or [5] they will agree with the HB dept and say that the HB dept got it right Now dependent on the size of the OP is what happens next if it's below £2000 they will probably ask you to repay it a
  24. Ahh.. You have the great and powerful ATOS... say no more............ but if you have a swear box it will probably need emptying before they finish with you.
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