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  1. First things first "They have now addmitted that she did not need to fill out a self assesment as she was on paye," WRT the above statement is this admission in the form of a letter or from a conversation on the phone. If it is in the form of a officially headed letter then thats a good start, if it is not then the first thing you should do is get that admission sent to you in the form of a letter. Unfortunately, phone calls are very easily forgotten about, not written to file, or, simply lied that they did not in fact take place. The members on here would pretty much say the sa
  2. We had a motobility car that we had to return due to my wife's dla being cancelled. The motobility group arranged collection of the vehicle about 4 weeks after the award stopped. The guy who turned up for it was actually a collection agent for a car auction place and he said that motobility now send any car they get back whether within the lease time or when the lease runs it's course straight to auction. Ours was two years old with just 9k on the clock when it went back. I had nursed it and took good care of it so someone somewhere got a good deal.
  3. Well in all the time I was going in to sign (even when I was bad) no-one and I repeat no-one at the places I went to mentioned I could fill in a JSA28 form and take 14 days off to get better. Just goes to show just how uncaring and unsympathetic some JS advisors are (well in my old JC that is) Is it still possible to take 14 days holiday as well? If it is then you could get 6 weeks a year where you are virtually "free" from them for want of a better word.
  4. First thing... don't send in any complaints until you are 100% sure that it is the CSA that have told your ex. SO !st get in touch with the CSA and tell them you have been told by your ex that they have disclosed your earnings to him. Tell them that the ex says they have it in writing. They will probably respond with under the data protection act they would not be permitted to do so. So, if this is what they come back with then your next course of action is to get a copy of the letter which your ex (says) they have. If the ex refuses then you can almost guarantee that t
  5. Prior to going SE I was on the WP and to be honest they are a real asset and the greatest help you could ever get. Their help with making a business plan was brill, they helped with material sourcing, they helped really well with finding outlets for my stuff and services. I must admit they pulled out all the stops for me... Oh I better go and get me a few pep pills to bring me back to the real world. They were about the most useless, self centred overgrown parrot faced wassacks who had the brain capacity of single celled organism, the attention span of a goldfish and us
  6. Curiously asking a silly question. Are we not already paid in arrears with current benefits? So will those arrears be taken into account when calulating exactly the first payment day or are they going to try and sneakerly hope that people do not realise that and so not have to pay those arrears when someone signs off those benefits?
  7. neword


    I can remember waiting for 55 minutes in the JC once (normally 10 mins past appointment time). I had been sitting patiently reading the old literature that litters the wait area, twiddling my thumbs, etc etc. I was starting to get a little vocal when a security guard came over to ask why I was there. Told him and he said he would enquire. Turned out my signing card had been taken out the box by a advisor who then put it on her table and then decided she wanted a 5 minute break (never did see her come back). You know what the advisor I saw said, Why are you late signing..
  8. Oh.. Don't forget to budget for the next month as well because chances are you will get only 3 weeks pay the first pay packet due to the "working a week in hand" policy that many companies run.
  9. Ok thanks for replies so far. Updating with additional information. Because this is a fledgling business I have been using one of the spare bedrooms we have in a housing association owned property. Due to the low turnover this first year we choose to use one of the rooms simply due to keep costs down and to give the business the best chance of surviving the first 18 months. Due to the low turnover we have been awarded HB and CTB and WTC. We keep all relevant parties updated on turnover/profit so if they have done their sums right we should have no problems such as overpay
  10. I have absolutely NO problems with IDS introducing Food Vouchers... Absolutely None at all. Well as long as they cover the cost of a weekly shop at Harrods...... You know what it is about IDS and his millions, It's the thought that the paltry amount of tax he pays is going to be given to someone so that they can actually live for a little while longer. The best people to actually run are the people who live on the dole as they at least know how to budget to survive
  11. notmeguvhonest : Use then to your advantage if you are really going to go SE. Get them to send you to courses/ money advisor's/etc which can help you with SE. It probably be the only time you can use them to an advantage.
  12. Hello all. Have now been self employed since May of 2014 and am coming up to the end of the tax year (April). I have been using the gov.uk site and HMRC to try and get some answers as trying to get through to the tax offices for advice takes forever. As a SE person with a home business I use 1 room of my property exclusively for the business. There are tax allowances for doing this and what you can claim (rent) appears to be associated with the floor area of the property or the number of rooms in the property. My problem is that there appears to be no guidelines as to what is
  13. They will pay you up to the day before you start work. If you are receiving HB, CTB there is a possibility that you could be entitled to the four week run on which (if you can get it) will see you not having to worry about those two things till you get paid. Also look into WTC if it's low paid work and your hours qualify you for it. They can do this over the phone as long as you know your hours and base rate of pay. Then when you get enough payslips you can get them to recalculate it so you are receiving what you are entitled to When you receive your 1st pay slip get down
  14. I agree with everything thats been said above. You really do need to keep documentary evidence of all letters you send and receive, All forms/letters they give you. Record everything as the times they have *cough* said something then denied it after *cough* comes up time and again on these boards. Get everything in writing don't go on word of mouth ever. You will regret it later if you do. If you are ill make sure they know by letter preferably or if you do have to use the telephone record the conversation. Telephones are their friends and they can easily deny anything th
  15. |Ohhh| reading the posts carefully This smells a little.. Pertemps have a job that they find hard to fill. Someone shows a little interest but they know the chances are small that the guy will take the position so, They ring the JS to tell them they think he would be perfect for the job so now he's in a catch 22 situation were he is virtually having to take the job or get sanctioned anyway.. Does smell like pertemps are using the possibility that the JS will threaten to sanction the guy and so he has no option but to take the job. I hope I am wrong or are we s
  16. The real question is where would it stop. Where would that thin line be drawn? I can remember a long time ago that there was a original series STAR TREK episode where they were on a planet that was populated only by people who were genetically perfect. If there was something wrong with them they were put into a chamber and well disposed of permanently. Could this be taken that far... A slight problem in your genetic code and ....sanctioned.... I know going a little to far but it does make you wonder......
  17. Did exactly the same to me once. Posted a letter Friday which was delivered Tuesday (post comes after 2pm) for a appointment that very same day at 10am. So I was basically late for an appointment because the letter arrived after it. I got on the phone to them straight away and got a right charlie the other end. Just did not want to accept that the letter arrived after appointment. Used loads of excuses to try an make it out I was lying about the time I received it. I eventually got it sorted very quickly after I asked where I could make a complaint.
  18. and in the next instalment She rang the JC up and they got a little uperty with her and it did not matter how much she tried to get it into their heads that the road was impassable they simply kept saying she had to get in. In the end she went over the front lines heads and got to speak to someone further up the ladder. Eventually they told her to come in on the first day it was possible to get along the lane. Then after that they........
  19. I had a friend who had this exact problem and could not due to their location get into the JC to sign. When she called them up they stance was that because the advisor's were in and the JC open then all claimants "Must" be able to get in. But she lives in a small village at end of a country lane and when it snowed heavy it drifts off the surrounding fields and completely blocks the road. I used to be in the farming business and have myself seen drifts as high as 6 ft on that lane. Even took a large 4 wheel drive tractor along one day and it could not make it.
  20. I would call then up and explain your current situation and if you are happy to pay it then ask them for time or a repayment plan, they would probably be happy to get the money from you even if it is through repayments.
  21. But would seeing an advisor sign on and the machine saying their JS was not good enough and sanctioning them be poetic justice?
  22. When I was signing (2013-2014) my JS agreement was for 3 x UJM and 5 Contacts/applications. But because I was really trying to get off JSA I was doing 7 X UJM and 10+ Applications/contacts per week. Then I got a new advisor and she got a bit stroppy and rude with me one week and told me I must comply with my agreement so next time I went in I took in exactly what the agreement asked for and she said I should really do more. To which I answered I was but you told me to adhere to the agreement...... She got stroppy and rude again so I insisted on seeing her boss/gaffer/line manager whatever yo
  23. Ahhh the 70's... The reason they did not pressurise you so much then is that there were plenty of jobs going and most people were not on the Dole long. I can remember being made redundant, signing on the next day and starting another job the day after and it did not only happen just once in that decade. There were more jobs than people out of work and nobody really bothered about the stigma that is attached to numerous jobs nowadays. Nowadays, you see someone picking up litter and most people think they are people who have been to court and sentenced to xx hrs community servi
  24. Mr.P I was trying for self employment and was in talks to get the New Deal Allowance then got shoved onto the WP. Three months after WP finished and I was on PWPS my advisor told me that the allowance was available again to me. I just brought this up as a possible means of additional income that may have been available once the OP got off WP. Did not know how much longer the sentence had left to run so was just offering possibilities that may have been available. I am not sure about this but I heard that it is also possible to get that allowance if you had recently signed of
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