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  1. I have a couple of friends that have applied for a hardship payment in the past and in both cases it took 3 full working days to get into their bank. It may not take as long nowadays but I just thought I would let you know
  2. First port of call should be CAB as they probably have a list of organisations that help people on benefits and will probably know a few that would be useful to yourself. Take a look to see if there's a community advice organisation in your new area. Our local area has one and they can normally give you an indication of what help could be available, If your new place is with a housing association there could be the possibility of discretionary payments which are basically there to help people on low incomes. Foodbanks -: - yes right not a favourite conversation piece but it coul
  3. I can see your point Tommy,
  4. Just to let you know I had a IUC 2 years ago and owed them £3400 but with the additional charge they make on top it was £4100 I was not taken to court and have just been paying it off at £100.00 pcm since. In your case I reckon if they are decent interviewers like I got they could see that it is basically a screwup in your case with the normal process and your claim continuing to be paid because they and not acted upon information that you had sent them. The fact that you still have the money in the bank should (hopefully) persuade them that this is simple a case where you did
  5. As has been said It is perfectly legal to record in your own home although as you say if they find out they may stop the assessment. The question is why would they terminate the assessment just because you are recording it. Does this speak of dodgy dealings on behalf of the assessors and the people who run the assessments.? Hmmmm
  6. Basically, I am self-employed and have been for the last 2 years, When I first started I had to take my books in every three month and a new calculation was done. that was fine I had no problems with that at all. Towards the last three months of 2014 and the first 2-3 months of 2015 my income went up considerably and so my housing benefit entitlement dropped to the point I was only getting maybe £10.00 per week and virtually nothing on Council Tax. No problems with that as the money I was earning covered the increase and I was happy with it. The problem started at the end of
  7. How would me daughter know if one of these inventories had been completed. Would she have had to sign something?
  8. I can confirm that they arrived in a van and that at no time was any of my daughters items removed from the property They did not make any calls for a vehicle to remove stuff (or any other calls for that matter) I can also confirm that my daughter who is fairly strong willed was feeling intimidated by them.
  9. Number removed as requested. I saw no ipad's or anything else except the folders they had which remained closed all the time I was there. Like I said I saw no papers of any kind but I only went there after they had already entered the house and my daughter had called me, so do not know what was said previously. Things had been taken from a wall in the front room and she had to put them back after they left. They did have free roam during the time they had entered before she returned from her friends across the road so I assume they made a list of inv during that time.
  10. Bailiff Advice... I do not know whether or not she followed up her initial talk with the council. You know how some young ones are with this sort of thing. I did ask her if she had received any papers prior to them coming but she said no.... I am beginning to get the feeling that she may have but hoped that by ignoring them they would go away.... What does concern me is that despite asking to see their papers they just said they were on file
  11. Just been on the CAB website and this now concerns me You can ask to see: evidence of the bailiff's identity the authorisation allowing them to enter your home and take control of your belongings. Despite me asking several times to see any authorization and court papers they basically refused to do so by stating that they are "On File". They showed me no ID's or had any on display..... All they had were file folders which they did not open
  12. Unfortunately my version of Microsoft word does not support saving to pdf (shows hoe old it is) So looking for alternative ways to do the conversion. What I can say is that the firm is M. A. Julious and co. Certified Baliffs by Appointment to local authorities, magistrates courts, industrial/commercial landlords, customs and excise and inland revenue and that my daughter says she had no communication prior to them being at her house.
  13. Ok I will see if I can do that copy of receipt. Never done a pdf before so could have a few problems.
  14. She has been in this property (Housing association) for the last 18 months and the council pay her benefits wrt HB and CT (or whatever they call it now). What's a warrant of control?
  15. Cannot remember the company name at the mo as I am at my place and my daughter lives elsewhere. They provided no information or papers of any kind. They did say they were working for the council. My feelings are that they are a DMA who were BS'ing my daughter and intimidating her into getting the money.
  16. The debt has been paid while they were there but I feel the way they kept skipping around my questions was not right and I thought something was fishy. According to my daughter there was no prior communication concerning this debt and no letter of enforcement was delivered or shown while they were there I also forgot to add that they had the never to ask us if we wanted a receipt. Blooming dam right we did. It was only then that we found the name of the actual company they worked for.
  17. mikeymack2002 you are probably right with respect to where it should have been posted. I did say I apologise if it is in the wrong place.
  18. We are definitely going to complain about the way in which they entered the property also the fact they would not show any form of papers relating to entering the property and also the fact they would not show copies of the actual court ruling. Also I might add my daughter was totally unaware that there was some court proceedings going on
  19. Interesting read but cannot find anything which relates to any papers or if they have to show any that they have the right to enter.
  20. Hi All, Forgive me if this is in the wrong place as I am not sure which one to post it to. Today my daughter found two enforcement officers in her house when she returned home. They told her that they had a court order to obtain £640. for old council tax bill that my daughter knew about and had told the council she would pay it off in instalments. They issued her with no papers of any kind and would not say anything when questioned about the court papers and would not show them or any other papers to show they had a right to enter the property. They would only say that they we
  21. There are actual support groups that can help you, In my area with have a dedicated one that helps people with DLA, now PIP cliams and can help you get forms done. Also CAB probably has a list of groups which can help you so calling them may be worthwhile. Age Concern is also another organization who if they cannot help directly would probably be able to point you to groups which can. Hit then with as much medical evidence as you can possible get hold of (they may not look at it but if it's there it should go on their system). Always put down on the forms how you are affecte
  22. Don't do the interview full stop. 1] The interview alone could cause you more anxiety 2] Just worrying about it like you already are may cause you stress, anxiety and depression 3] Some events like this are monitored and even an image of you in the back ground could cause you problems. 4] They use anything they can to get people off benefits so be very careful if you do the event.
  23. Now if the Green's really want to become a force to listen to and get voted for they need a leader with the passion, fire, drive that is currently in charge of the SNP. It's that sort of person we need in the PM's place in this country, one who is really for the people and one that cares about the country. I might be in the UK but if Sturgeon's name had been on my polling papers I would have voted for her. UkIP may have poled around 4mil votes but the leader was a joke and quite frankly any vote they got helped the Tories more than Labour. The SNP wiped out Labour because of the
  24. I was under the impression that any expenses you had during the week which were directly related to what you were doing are/were taken into account by the JSA I went self employed this time last year and to be honest it was the best thing that happened to me in a long time. No more JSA on my back No more Job Hunts No more traipsing around worrying about sanctions. My business incurs a lot of business expenses so my profit is virtually zero but this is a good thing, I am able to claim WRT, I am able to claim HB and CTC I also get NHS exemption for prescription/specs
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