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  1. As you live outside central London your cap based on the information you have given (based on the caps as of Autumn 2016 on the gov website) £257.69 per week (£13,400 a year) if you’re single and you don’t have children, or your children don’t live with you If those figures you have given are the monthly amounts you will receive then you would have a benefit income of £154.70 pw which is well inside the cap for a person in your situation. Hope this helps
  2. Well the IS saga continues, A full nine working days have pasted since they received the above mentioned forms back and so thought I would ring for a update, Usual 25 minutes wait listening to the dreadful music playing (while I did something better at other side of room). Eventually someone answered and after going through the normal routine of answering the "security" questions I get to ask about the current status of the claim. Are you sure you made a claim for IS and not ESA she asks.... eh nope it is clearly a claim for IS (well thats what it says on the form, I got the
  3. I doubt that they would say no to the offer as they are interested in getting the money returned and if the only way they can get it is by instalments then that's what they will do. However, do you have any proof that you informed them of the pension as if you do have proof them it would be their mistake and quite possibly they would have to write it off but, if it was just a phone call then the chances are the conversation would not have been entered onto the system. This is one of the main reasons why most people giving advice on here would advocate using a signed f
  4. It all depends on circumstances in the area you live in, In the area I live the JCP office only does universal credit for single persons only. Therefore for married couples etc WTC should continue to be paid until such time as the JCP offices have all been integrated onto the UC system and UC is rolled out for all claimants in the area. So if I read the statement correctly it implies that by July 2019 the UC system for all claimants should be live in all areas of the UK and between July 2019 and March 2022 all the remaing benefits covered by UC will be migrated over to the UC system.
  5. I am not 100% sure on this so hopefully someone else can put right anything I say or get wrong. As far as I am aware the direct result of having a pension and still working is that the amount of state of pension he gets is taken into account when working out the working tax credits. This of course would have the direct effect of lowering the amount of WTC he would get. If he wants to keep earning (working) and get the highest amount of WTC he can based on earnings I think he has two options, 1] to defer the state pension for 1 year at the end of which he would get the whole of t
  6. JSA under 25 @ £57.90 pw which = £115.80 for 2 week signing period £115.80 x 60% = £69.48 for the two weeks. So I am assuming that either they have calculated the hardship payment at approx 43% or your son has some repayment plan going out of his benefit for a crisis loan (or similar) therefore the £45.00 for 2 weeks is the £69.48 less the amount taken for the repayments.
  7. The saga continues, Well on the 1st August I phoned both departments for an update (2.5hrs total on phone) No decision for CA at present, Income support sending another form out. August 3rd forms from IS arrive and and duly filled in and dispatched back (1st class signed for) early 4th August. August 5th decided at 4pm to get update on Carers allowance. YIPPEE that claim has been awarded but it will probably be another 10 days before I see any payment into the bank. (missed this weeks payout day so be next week before it's issued) don't mind that. Just glad there's good news f
  8. Just let me say that when dealing with these people (and I don't only mean the DWP) "proof of posting i.e POP" should really read 1st class signed for, Sorry but what POP only shows is that you sent a letter what it does not show is that that same letter arrived at destination. !st class signed for is not to expensive (average £2.00 for large letter) and you can go onto the Royal Mail website and do a track and trace with the number on the receipt which will show exactly when it was delivered to the address and more importantly someone at that address signed for it. It's all about p
  9. Were you registered with HMRC as self employed at the time? Paying your National Insurance contributions?, doing self assessment for tax? This is important as if you were properly registered as a self employed person you could invoice the company for unpaid work and if the company is liquidated then you would be a creditor and maybe just maybe get a little bit of money. If you were not registered then basically you would be classed as a casual labourer and the chances of getting anything are remote. Personally I think I would walk away from this situation and find something el
  10. FYI : I initially tried for JSA but they found out I was going through the carers allowance claim so they said I could not get the JSA on the basis that I could not fulfil the availability for work criteria. The area I live in only offers Universal Credit for Single Persons Only so could not get that, that is why the income support claim is in progress. It's really not the Income Support dept at fault, it's the stuttering way in which CA people have asked for the information in small pieces instead of all of it at the same time hence the 9 weeks and counting period that the claim f
  11. neword

    ESA money

    Miss Anxious I phoned that number yesterday when inquiring about current IS claim, I phoned exactly at 8:00am and was still holding 30 mins later, Had to listen to the dreadful music they play while on hold. Eventually put the phone down as I wanted to also call the CA unit at 8:30am. The CA call was over and done with in about 8 mins so I redialled the IS place again and got through eventually after being on hold for another 15 mins. What I was aware of during the first attempted contact is that my phone would crackle occasionally as if someone had tried to answer but there was
  12. Quick note: I was trading as self employed but due to massive downturn in income I made the decision to cease trading. My wife has standard rates PIP for both Care and Mobility so decided to make a claim for the CA. This was done 25th May 2016 just prior to me actually ceasing to trade. So please remember that the claim for CA was made before I ceased trading. I officially ceased trading on the 14th June 2016 as this was the last date I was paid any money from my self employment (SE) and the date which HMRC said was my last trading day when I requested my registration as a self employed p
  13. I have witnessed this type of situation before, Employer takes on some casual staff, few weeks later there's a complaint by casual staff against a full time employee, Then there's a disciplinary meeting, employee eventually gets booted out and a casual staff is given the vacant job. I would certainly let the employer know that it will be your intention to file a grievance process against the casual staff for making false accusations and that should the employer accept their words over yours then you will also follow the route of claiming for unfair dismissal. After all, what ha
  14. The letter is simply that a invitation to apply and not the actual PIP forms. Should they phone up they would be asked if they would like to make a claim for PIP, if they say yes please send the PIP forms out then the claim for PIP becomes active straight away and they should receive pip forms with some personal details already printed on the forms. There should also be a date on the forms or with a accompanying letter by which the forms HAVE to be returned, Failure to return within 30 days will see them losing the DLA benefit they already have fought for as the benefit office tak
  15. After having gone through what they have in the last few months I would certainly hold back on applying for PIP for a while and do it about 4 months before his current award runs out. This 4 months should give the PIP people some time to get the process well under way before he's 17. Applying for PIP means practically going through everything they have already been through again (in most cases)
  16. Just to add a little to Bazooka Boo's post Asking for the PIP papers to be sent out is actually seen as the start of you making the claim and if you do not get the forms back to them in 30 days they take it you no longer want any disability benefits and will stop any DLA / PIP if you have them (even if they are awarded for life) Thats what happened to me and my partner, they stopped her for life high rate mobility because we could not get the papers back in time and would NOT reinstate them. Took us 6 more months to actually get the PIP award and they reduced the mobility down to jus
  17. WRT working tax credits, isn't there some rule that the job must be full employment and must last (be expected to last) for at least a specified time period of more than 5-7 weeks. What you have described sounds like a temporary position with a fixed duration of just 3 weeks which would probably rule you out of getting WTC. You have to think seriously about taking on short time period position such as this as the overall benefit you get from it may be not worth the loss of your current benefits and the hassle of having to reapply for them all. I would first take a look at the b
  18. You are in a LHA flat? but have not said which floor you are on or whether or not there is lift or stair access. So assuming you are not on the ground floor and that access is by stairs only (although a lift will not make much difference) This is the course of action I would take if I was in your shoes 1] I would forget about cashing in the pension as the vultures strike hard if you are below 60. I know this for a fact as an aunt of mine cashed hers in at 57 and out of 154k she ended up with 63k 2] I would then get down to the LHA offices and tell them that due to my worsening c
  19. Ok I get that thanks. So does she have to close her claim at the same time that he makes the joint claim or will she leave her claim active until the joint claim is granted? I only ask this as they are finding it difficult to manage on just her lone parent IS benefit +(child related benefits), and given that it's taken 15 working days to get to the point where the benefit offices have just told them he cannot get ESA while shes claiming IS they would find it extremely difficult to get by while waiting for the joint ESA to be awarded. Another question if you don't mind. If h
  20. Background info. My daughter has a 4 year old son and is in receipt of IS. She is in a council property and so gets HB and CTC (or whatever its called now) The father of the lad was ousted by my daughter about 3 years ago because he used to gamble and got physically violent with her. A few months after she meets up with another lad and they hit it off together. At no time prior to him going inside did he live at her address. However, this lad had had a head on crash with another vehicle and the driver of that vehicle died. It was found the lad had excess alcohol in his blood
  21. DM's and Fraud managers can be thought of as one and the same thing really, They basically look over the evidence and then make a decision as to what course of action to follow. When I had my ICU any further contact I had was with a DM. If you are going to send in your statements then a covering letter with them explaining any large sums of money (with proof if possible) would save them time and money would probably be ok, When I sent in my supporting evidence concerning my income/expenditure of the self employment I was doing was also supported with notes which explained where
  22. An IUC is just an interview where investigators try to get information concerning questions they have unanswered and to allow the other side to put across there side of the story. It goes from them to a decision maker and they are the ones that say court, admin+repay or simply to repay. FYI: normally anything below £4000 is normally a repay+admin charge and the reason for this is that they get the money back + cover the costs in getting it back which is a win win for them, in general it's the stubborn ones and the ones that have deliberately done it and then try to cover it up and ma
  23. Should you happen to loose the DLA MOTO component then they normally take the car back 28 days after the DLA stops. I must add that the Motobility Car people are thoughtful people and when we had to give up our Moto car they allowed us to keep the car another 2 weeks after the return time was up as my wife's Mother died shortly after my wife lost her DLA award. They did this so we could still have use of a car for the funeral. I was told by the person who came to collect the car that they take the cars straight to auction now, So I guess that's why there's so many 3 year old cars on
  24. Right I think the solicitor was wrong in telling you not to submit the statements. They may be messy as you said but if you can explain anything they ask about them then you should be alright. Also this no comment thing could be construed as you trying to hide something so that could get the investigator a little suspicious so that's probably why he's asking for the bank statements. When I had a IUC my solicitor advised me to be up front and to have everything with me that could help minimize the investigation time. If you are seen to be helping to get the whole situation sorted they
  25. Do you drive and have your own car, if yes then given the fact you said you would like to be there would that be the best option? If you do drive but don't have a car would hiring one for two days work out cheaper? BUT don't forget that most hospital car parks now charge you (£1.70 for 1 hour is the rate at our local hospital) and even if you have a blue badge they charge here (they give you 1 free hour after the time you pay for). If you don't drive well those two options no good......but would it be possible to get someone you know to take you and you cover their costs
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