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  1. AND don't forget that those forms have to be back with them within 30 days of the telephone call or your DLA will be automatically stopped.
  2. Basically we ticked the harder now boxes and wrote what had happened and how it had effected her. The actual form stated that we do not have to send in any of the original evidence that was sent when doing the original application for PIP We also ticked the permission to contact the GP surgery for further information if they want it and also sent in a medical summary report which was printed by the surgery and it was 4 pages long, it basically confirms what we had wrote on the forms. So we are now waiting for some sort of reply and will deal with that when it comes.
  3. I don't get it. Why would you deliberately antagonise your adviser when you know what problems your refusal to name names could bring. Surely it would have been better to have just missed this interview off your this is what I did this week to get a job disclosure I just don't get it why someone would want to do this.
  4. I always send RM special Delivery or 1st Class Signed for when dealing with the benefits people (whoever they are). I then keep an eye out on the RM track and Trace so I know they got it. I then follow up every-time a couple of days after to make sure its not got lost. They may well still lose the dam papers even though they have signed for them but at least I got proof that they have been returned and so if they get lost I can argue with them that it is actually them that lost them.
  5. We have just submitted the old PIP forms back but found we only needed to say what has changed in the years since the original PIP forms we submitted. Is it the same with this new form that they only need to know what changes have happened since the last claim as they say they still have all the information.?
  6. Carer's do not have to be physically present for the entire 35hours but must be able to show they are putting in the required minimum of 35hours. As a Carer myself I do a lot of the simple tasks like helping my wife get dressed/undressed/prepare food/clean up etc but, the time can also include things like going and doing the shopping each week for her, taking her to appointments, going and paying her bills, making phone calls, fetching prescriptions etc there is a very long list of activities associated with caring hours and it's surprising how many hours can be taken up out of that 35 ho
  7. All benefits are normally reviewed at one time or another. I suspect that due to you having that self employment which you gave up that they are just checking that you are not getting payments into your bank account which you may not be declaring to them. It has been known that people have claimed benefits and have still been working but have declared they are not. As long as they can see everything is has you have told them there should be no problems. I have a friend who went to one of these reviews and he ended up about £35.00 a week better off because they told him about a b
  8. I was left with a 4k benefit debt a couple of years ago which I have been paying back at the rate of £100 per month from my self employment and have had no problem doing that. Debt currently stands at £1700. However I have finished self employment and now receive Income Support and Carers allowance. Got a review letter from the actual DWP Debt management people other day wanting to review the rate of repayment and asked me to get in touch. I called them and said I would like the arrangement to continue at the original rate of £100 pcm as I am now in receipt of the above benefits
  9. You honestly think that council would tell you anything that would mean they would get less money off you. Most places like councils and government department will not give out much information about what you can do and it is only through other people and sites like this that most people get the information they really need.
  10. Looks like you will need to make a new claim for HB/CTR and that your friends circumstances/income may also have to be shown. If your friend is on benefits (Or low pay/income) as well then I believe they have to make their own claim for HB and CTR (but don't quote me) just going on what someone told me. I would certainly have a good look into this. As per your post where you said "its a hell of a lot simpler then i imagined" these things that look easy normally have a habit of kicking you in the groin when you least expect it.
  11. Final update: Well 43 actual working days from making the original claim the IS finally got sorted and the back payment is now in my wife's account. (I always have the benefits I get paid direct to her account as she takes care of the bill paying etc.) It been a long time coming but finally it is over maybe..... Well we thought all the form filling and whatever was over but my wife got the dreaded PIP 1043 today a full year before her current claim runs out so just when I thought we could have a rest from all the form filling we now have to get this form filled and back to them.
  12. Hardship payments maybe? Always worth asking about them as your benefit sanctions are causing you further hardship and not helping your current medical conditions. Only 60% of normal payout but better than nothing Just a suggestion ifits possible.
  13. We have just had the same form, a year in advance of the end date of our current award. What bothers me about this is that if they process before current award runs out will they change the reward to whatever the new award would be before the current claim runs out, Or, Will they tag the new award onto the end of the old award and have it run from the end date of the old award? I have just spent over 8 working weeks trying to get an IS claim in payment and its just been awarded (as well as my CA being sorted a couple of weeks ago, I Just don't want to find in a couple of months f
  14. Update: Given that the average time for a IS claim according to the DWP is 10-14 days the fact that they have my B16 form for 14 working days and still not on the system does make you wonder what sort of time span should actually be taken as the average. As of today I am at 36 working days (that puts me at the start of the 8th week) and today after a phone call to them, an arrangement was made for me to get another B16 form delivered in the post. This means that because of the bank holiday Monday and the 2nd class post they use means a Wednesday delivery. So looking at it being Frida
  15. Well having talked to several people on this matter wrt my own situation, spending money to lower your savings below a certain level is ok if what you are spending on is deemed "essential". WRT "Essential" there appears to be some very vague guidelines for this but I do believe that items such as :- New Cooker, Washing machine, possibly new mattress, repairs to your current vehicle, paying off some debts may all be OK (but don't quote me on this).
  16. You say you are on a temp contract so it is a good bargaining point when applying for a new position, Basically you will tell any prospective new employer that you are on this 6 month contract but are KEEN to obtain a more permanent position in advance of your contract running out. Most employers would see that as a positive approach and would more than likely be inclined to look more favourably on your application. I know this for a fact as I used to be an interviewer of potential new workers and was given a base guideline, one of the things we had to look for was if the person was
  17. With new claims there is normally a period (in some claims up to 10 days) for which you could possibly not be paid. Also in most claims they are normally paid in arrears and in the case of JSA I believe when you actually sign its for the previous two weeks that you receive the benefits for( upto the day you signed) Please keep in mind that they may well ask for the bank statements at a later date. I am currently into the 8th week of waiting for a IS claim to be sorted and if I did not make a phone call 13 working days after I had signed the forms at the JC they would still be waitin
  18. Update: Just browsed the actual website for this council and found this Working Age Claimants - If you or your partner have capital above £6,000 then you will not qualify for help towards your Council Tax. Any capital below £6,000 is disregarded. So it looks like we got to spend a few hundred (well we do need a new cooker) to come under the 6k. Oh well
  19. Currently I am going through the procedure of getting IS and CA (carer's allowance) and have just been awarded the CA, The IS is unfortunately taking a long time (currently 7 weeks and counting). Lately due to notifying the council of the changes of circumstances which I am currently going through they are sending me recalculations for both HB and CTB and it's getting to be a bit of a mind boggler. However today received yet another recalculation but this time the CTB award is 0 and this is apparently due to our savings going over £6k (only a few hundred over). When I spoke to someon
  20. Well the IS saga continues, Decided late Friday to make another call to DWP (IS) so to try and get some indication of how the claim was going and to make sure that the forms sent back a full 11 working days previous were now on the system. You know what, they said they waiting for me to send the forms back yep thats right a full 11 working days have past and they still waiting for me to send the forms back despite the fact that I sent them back by Royal Mail 1st Class signed for and the track and trace clearly indicates they have had them back and I have a (single letter signature).
  21. With the new PM and a change to the new works and pension secretary Damian Green the Mirror newspaper printed a piece on the 20th July about there now being an additional year added to the total rollout of UC. Apparently Universal Credit (UC) will now only finish rolling out in March 2022 (as written in the Mirror) So, at this present moment in time UC is not scrapped or finished and the plan is still to complete the roll-out (it is just going to take longer to do so). But as everyone knows the GOV changes it's mind so many times in a year that in the 6 years it now states will probab
  22. Just out of curiosity, Are Discretionary housing payments for people in LHA properties or are they available to those in private landlord properties? Only asking as if you are able to get this then it may offset some of the increase that your landlord is about to add. However, I do not know if these payments would also be counted as an income wrt the benefit cap. Definitely more research needed here before saying for sure.
  23. I not 100% exactly sure of this but there are some benefits which are not included in the benefit cap. From the CAB website The Benefit Cap won’t apply if either you or your partner get any of the following benefits: Disability Living Allowance (DLA) Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP) Attendance Allowance the support component of Employment and Support Allowance Industrial Injuries Benefit and equivalent payments as part of a war disablement pension or armed forces compensation scheme War Widow's or Widower's Pension. You
  24. On the basis of the figures you supplied and the information given on the gov website, you should be under the cap limit so should not be affected However, if there is additional income above what you have stated then this also has to be taken into account. But if the figures you quoted are your entire income then the cap should not be a problem for you.
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